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As much fun as it is to go on a vacation, the packing element totally and utterly stinks. And as many moms like me know…we get stuck with the brunt of it. After meticulously planning outfits for all types of weather and making sure prized “lovies” are clean and present for the big trip, we must then decide what gear to drag along with us, whether traveling my plane or car. I would bet that each and every parent has looked at a massive pile of child gear and wondered how someone so small can require SO MUCH STUFF.

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Well, I am here to tell you that there is a new product that will undoubtedly make your travel so much easier in terms of space, safety and price: the BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat. This  ultimate travel essential will not only keep your child safe and comfortable in transit, but is also so convenient that it takes up hardly any room in your bag when your busy family is on the go, changing planes or hopping into different cars.

The BubbleBum inflatable car seat was invented by certified child passenger safety technician Grainne Kelly. To use, simply inflate the booster seat and use the red clips to adjust your child’s car safety belt. And that’s it. Seriously. I was able to correctly and safely install two seats for my boys on a crowded airplane in under ten minutes (and I’m a nervous flyer!).


Worried about the safety of a seat that is inflatable? Don’t be! The reason why kids aged 4-11 years old need booster seats is to keep the lap belt from rising into the child’s abdomen. The BubbleBum inflatable car seat safely and completely addresses this issue, and has received accolades from many organizations, including the 2014 National Parenting Publications Awards and Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.


My family and I were lucky enough to try the BubbleBum inflatable car seat this Spring and Summer throughout our family travels. In addition to using the BubbleBum while traveling on planes, it has also served as a compact life saver for us once we arrived at our destination so we didn’t have to rely on car seats from a random car rental service or from an unequipped Uber driver. Back at home, we love to use it when car pooling since it is so easy to simply store in our car without taking up much room.

My boys were also able to experience another BubbleBum product, the Sneck. My kids have fallen asleep in the car in some very WEIRD positions, and the Sneck is a travel pillow that helps them avoid the neck soreness that typically accompanies a car or plane nap. It is filled with micro-beads to create a cozy and comfortable feel, but to be honest my kids simply played with the pillow instead of using it for a nap. They especially loved how they could store tiny treasures like their race cars in the Sneck storage pockets. I have yet to see my boys use the Sneck for sleeping, but I’m sure they will on our upcoming cross country flight.


If you are traveling this summer, I highly recommend these BubbleBum products. Not only are they easy on the wallet, but they are also safe products that minimize the amount of gear and stress you have to deal with while traveling.


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What are your tips and tricks for reducing travel stress? I’d love to hear them!

Happy and safe travels!
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  1. Jeanette says

    Wow why have I not seen this before? This will come in handy on our summer trip for sure. It’s a great way to keep the kids safe without having to pack a big, bulky seat!

  2. Jennifer Van Huss says

    That looks fabulous! My kids always complain about sore bums after sitting in their car seats for a long time. The booster seats are the worst. These would make travels a lot more comfortable.

  3. Joely Smith says

    What a wonderful way to help kids rest more, well … restfully! I hate waking up with a sore neck and sleeping in the car sure can cause that! Great idea for the kiddos!

    • Amanda says

      I know, right? And my kids ALWAYS fall asleep with their necks at the weirdest angles when we are traveling.

    • Amanda says

      My mom loves the boosters for when she drives my kids around town. So much more manageable for her than their regular and more bulky booster seats.

  4. Melissa Dixon says

    I am all about reducing stress and actually enjoying our time together as a family. This is great, we are planning a trip and I am so excited, thanks for the tips!

  5. karlyn cruz says

    What an awesome post and these are all exactly what we need for our long travel next week, Thanks for this tips.

  6. Victoria Heckstall says

    Ohh, I love to have this it really looks comfortable and perfect for travelling with the kids

  7. uprunforlife says

    I have always wondered how safe these seats were but I am sure they had to go through the same rigorous testing as normal car seats go through. It is perfect if you are traveling by airplane and need a seat when you get to your destination.

    • Amanda says

      They are tested the same way traditional car booster seats are. Such a great resource for on the go families like mine.

    • Amanda says

      Yep. That’s what boosters do and why kids need them until a certain height and weight in order to ride safely. 🙂

  8. Rishabh & Nirali from Gypsycouple says

    Those seem lovely products for kids and sneck seems like a great product even for us. Does it come in Adult sizes? We would definitely prefer something like this over the huge neck pillows we lug around which are a bit uncomfortable to use as well.

  9. Melissa C. says

    We love our bubblebum too! Our son used it beginning at 6 for our year-long trip around the world. Our daughter was only 3 when we left, so we brought the Ride Safer Delight for her – not as easy to use, but just as small and safer for young travelers <3

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