10 “Quiet Time” Toys for Kids

Anyone else go through a period of mourning when their kids stopped napping? After weeks of fighting my boys, I finally gave up and waved my white flag of surrender. But what I found out after a few months was that we ALL needed that time away from each other and peace and quiet. So I did what most parents do and instituted “quiet time.” Which would last, on average, about 22 minutes. What is an exhausted and stressed out parent to do? Find the perfect quiet time toys. And luckily for you, I’ve already found them. TEN of them, to be exact.

First off, what makes a perfect quiet time toy?

It is easy for kids to play with independently, has lots of creative possibilities, and won’t make a massive mess. Sound too good to be true? I promise that it isn’t.


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Edushape Magic Brix

Why we love it: These soft bricks encourage creative, open ended play and teach fine motor skills all at once. My boys especially love the Magic Brix pieces with wheels on them so they can create (and let’s get real—CRASH) them and then build all over again.


Petit Collage Sticker Activity Set

Why we love it: When hands are busy, minds are busy. Each themed Petit Collageset (farm animals, transportation vehicles, winter wonderland, etc.) has over 1,000 stickers so your child will happily create while you drink an entire cup of coffee in peace. Use code QUEEN for 15% off.



Why we love it: Let’s be honest. There is no better toy than Magnatiles. They are versatile, sturdy, and will entertain kids (and adults) of all ages. Add flashlights or superhero figurines and your child will be imagining and creating for hours.


i See Me Personalized Children’s Books

Why we love it: Kids love to read. The rhymes, the pictures, and it is even better when THEY are in the book. Yes, that’s right, you can personalize books for your children, right down to the name and hair color. These books are guaranteed to be favorites and something your child will quietly read over and over again. There are personalized puzzles, too!


Why we love it: Kids can take on the roll of engineer and athlete with Automoblox cars. All parts are interchangeable so the vehicle designs are endless.


Melissa & Doug “Water Wow” Coloring Books

Why we love it: Mess free artistic fun. Even better? These “Water Wow” coloring books are perfect for traveling so when you need a moment of Zen in the car or on the plane, hand your child one of these fun and unique coloring books.


Design and Drill Kit

Why we love it: Have kids who REALLY want to help every time you take out a power tool? Then get them this 60 piece design and power drill set. Kids will not only improve fine motor skills but also learn about patterns, cause and effect, and other academic skills all on their own.


GeoMagic Mosaics

Why we love it: Learning math skills was never more fun. 250 blocks in 8 different colors and shapes yield hundreds of ways to create patterns and designs. Whether your child is following a certain pattern or creating something new on his or her own, the GeoMagic Mosaics are sure to keep them busy long after quiet time is over.


See & Spell Puzzles

Why we love it: Kids practice sight words while playing with these creative and colorful puzzles. When reading is tangible and tactile instead of abstract, learning is at the forefront of play.


Crayola Globbels

Why we love it: It’s like slime but without the mess. The Globbels squish and fidget toys are perfect fidget toys and will undoubtedly help your child be more relaxed after taking a quiet and tactile break.

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Enjoy the peace and quiet!
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  1. Cathy says

    I love that you made this list of quiet toys. I think it’s so much better than simply sticking them in front of a tablet or TV. It’s so important that they get quiet play time away from screens. 🙂

    • Amanda says

      We use “quiet time” for a nap time replacement now that my kids don’t nap but definitely still need some quiet, alone time.

  2. Linda says

    We love magnatiles and coloring book. So fun to do and makes a great quiet time 🙂 Will definitely check the rest because we all need to stock up

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