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Are you looking to ENCOURAGE your child’s interest in technology instead of limiting it?  Searching for a unique class to help build your child’s confidence and creativity?  Then look no further than Power Up Tech Academy.  Their hands on coding classes and camps provide project based learning and individualized learning experiences to help your child excel in our technology focused world.



Power Up Tech Academy believes that technology can improve society, and that children should be encouraged to engage and interact with technology to make a lasting and positive impact on the world.  One of the most integral ways to doing so is learning coding and programming skills.

Through learning complex and challenging coding language ranging from Scratch (a programming language created at MIT) to HTML, children build confidence and unleash their creativity to explore the role technology plays in all areas of learning.  So instead of simply signing your child up for an art or music class, you can enroll them in a coding class that encompasses many different disciplines.

By exposing children to the logistics behind computers through initial tinkering and then deliberate play, they truly realize that computers aren’t the smart ones—THEY are.  Learning to manipulate robots, build plug-ins, create their own video games, etc. is just some of the fun that is taking place at Power Up Tech Academy. Their classes are truly multifaceted with different mediums that teach not only how to make things, but also how the outside world works.



For the younger set, classes are based around storytelling, physical activities, and other tasks that build foundational skills such as following instructions and determining sequencing.  Students as young as kindergartners can learn the core language of Scratch Junior through play, which will serve as a solid foundation for their coding exploration, before they even learn how to read.

Older students are exposed to learning in a wide variety of ways as well.  The class can review previous ideas and explore new concepts using a large television screen, which also allows the teacher to showcase demonstrations in real time.  Students can build simultaneously using their own devices, and then the real exploration begins.


Since PowerUp Tech Academy encourages creativity and wants students to challenge themselves, students do not have to replicate the same program…in fact, they are encouraged to blaze their own trail. By the end of the class, students will end up with many different customizations to explore, absorbing what others are doing and learning from one another’s coding journeys.

As students improve their coding skills, the traditional group instruction time decreases with an emphasis placed on 1:1 coaching, peer sharing, and supported and hands on work time.  Classes range from beginner to intermediate and advanced classes, with a child’s progression determined by his or her interests.

To maximize the amount of learning that takes place in each hour long class, there is a maximum of eight students in each class along with one teacher and teaching assistant to provide a 4:1 learning ratio. Each class is one hour long, and class sessions last between eight and ten weeks.



How do you keep learning going at home if you aren’t well versed in computer coding?  Thankfully there are some great websites such as YouTube and the Scratch website. In the learning laboratory there are over 10 million projects to explore and become inspired by. Although homework is not required, practice (and imagining, too) is highly encouraged.



There are currently still openings for Power Up Tech Academy’s Saturday “intensive classes,” as well as their “Tech Fun Day” that will be held this Columbus Day, 10/12.  This fun filled day is not your typical coding class, it is instead a day to learn through play for 3rd through 5th graders.  Some of the planned activities include robots, board games, circuits, connected fruit, and much more.  Some coding experience might be helpful but is not required. And if you bring a study buddy?  Enjoy $25 off the event fee.

This post is sponsored by Power Up Tech Academy. All opinions are my own.

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    • amandasimkin says

      Unfortunately so many schools are strapped for time to invest in technology such as this with state standards and testing being so rigorous. That’s why Power Up Tech Academy is such a great extracurricular to enhance what your child is learning in school.

  1. Elizabeth O. says

    That’s cool! We can’t really stop our kids from embracing technology. It’s nice to develop their skills in using today’s gadgets.

  2. Kam Kay says

    That’s such a great concept. Kids these days know so much more than we did when we were kids. It only makes sense to advance their tech knowledge even further.

  3. Jeanine says

    So many kids are all about tech anymore. My 6 year old has iPads in his first grade class room. Might as well give them classes to get them on track to keep up with everyone else!

    • amandasimkin says

      What is unique about these classes is that they help children learn about why the iPads work, not just how to use them.

  4. Stephanie says

    This is something my son needs. I heard they opened up something similar here in where we live. He loves video games and has taken camps to make them, but I think he needs to learn the coding.

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