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I have become obsessed with listening to podcasts while I work out, clean the house…and zone out on the couch with a glass of wine. I love how podcasters are so passionate about their topic—just by the emotion in their voices I become COMPLETELY invested. So when my family and I recently took a road trip to Wisconsin Dells, we tried out our first family-friendly podcast. I didn’t know how my kids would like it since they are huge music fans (“Old Town Road FOREVER” seems to be their mantra) but after ten minutes they were HOOKED. And honestly, so were my husband and I. Check out this tried-and-true list of Eight Podcasts Kids and Parents Love for your next road trip or simply a day at home.

Podcasts Kids and Parents Love - Road Trip Hack

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

My family’s personal favorite, this podcast seeks out the answers to kids’ constant streams of “But Why” questions. Topics include things that are gross (like why we poop and fart), topical (what happens when a president is impeached), and silly (such as why kids have to go to school).

Noodle Loaf

These musical, ten minute long episodes invites families to join in on some creative fun while learning a thing or two about history and science.

Wow in the World

Fans of “How I Built This” will love hearing Guy Roz and Mindy Thomas guide curious kids and adults on a journey to explore the world around them. With an emphasis on science and technology, listeners will discover things in the world that make you say “Wow!”. This podcast parents and kids love this podcast because of the straightforward way complicated ideas are broken down and explained.

Story Pirates

Talented actors, musicians, and comedians come together to act out original stories created by kids. With the actors’ improve skills, the stories truly take on a colorful, unique, and just plain wacky life of their own.  

Podcasts Kids and Parents Love - Free Podcasts

Peace Out

Looking to add some ZEN into your family’s day? Then this podcast is for you. Specifically designed to listen to at the end of the day, each episode takes listeners through visualizations on basic emotions and introduces different breathing techniques to help navigate these big feelings.

Sesame Street Podcast

Everything you love about Sesame Street—the characters, the life lessons, the songs—all wrapped up in one handy podcast.

Circle Round

Created and produced by parents of young children, this podcast turns carefully-adapted folk tales and stories from around the world into music-rich radio plays. Each episode ends with an activity that encourages a deeper conversation between parent and child.

What If World

Have a curious kid who is always coming up with “What If” scenarios? Then this podcast is PERFECT for your family. Listeners submit “What If” questions and the host, Mr. Eric, spins it into an engaging story. This offering is one of the highest rated podcasts kids and parents love because it entertains children with creative stories and the parents get to sit back, relax, and not have to come up with it themselves!

Here’s to hoping that these podcasts kids and parents love grow minds and encourage screen-free talks around the dinner table. If not, there are always great books to tackle as a family together, too! 

Podcasts Kids and Parents Love

Happy Listening!


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