How to Pick up a Mom at the Park

Back in the day, my girlfriends and I would meet for a leisurely Sunday brunch at the newest spot in town. We would talk about our jobs, what we did the night before…and obviously, our dating lives. Of course, we all complained about how hard it was to meet someone. We tried went to bars, tried apps, braved blind dates…and no one seemed to be “just right.” Fast forward five years and on the rare occasion we get together for brunch and leave our spouses and kids at home, we still talk about our dating struggles. But here’s the thing. We are happy in our marriages and committed relationships…we are just looking for our perfect Mommy Match!

It is so hard to find a mom who has similar parenting styles, a fun and kind personality, a non-obnoxious kid who gets along well with your child, and lives near you. But here’s the thing I have learned…this elusive species actually DOES EXIST. You just have to find her out in the wild. And where is the best place to pick up a mom? At the park!


Need some tips on how to have the confidence to chat her up, exchange numbers, and set up a future play date? Here are my tried and true tips for picking up a mom at the park:


BE YOURSELF. If you are the type who is most comfortable in workout clothes and no makeup, go for it. You are going to the park after all…not the Oscars. But if you are like me and feel most comfortable with your hair and make up done and sparkly baubles around your neck, go for it. Just be your own gorgeous self.


SMILE AND MAKE EYE CONTACT…with everyone! Kids, adults, dogs…everyone! It will not only make you feel more comfortable but also make other people feel more at ease so sparks can fly!


ASK QUESTIONS. One of the greatest ways to break the ice is to ask someone a question. Not a creepy one like, “What is your address?” but some easy ones like, “How old is your little one?” or “Where did you get those cute shoes?” I mean, everyone likes a compliment and I’ve never met a mom who never wants to talk about her sweet babe.


INTRODUCE YOUR KIDS. I don’t know about your kids, but mine don’t forget ANYTHING. And it’s really awesome (insert sarcasm font here). So if I help my kids put a name to a face, there is an instant connection and way to see if they want to get together again with “park friends.”


PLAN A MEETUP. Are your families clicking? Then take a deep breath, put your shoulders back, and propose to meet up at the park again. This way it is on neutral ground and a no pressure situation. Even if the other mom isn’t interested in becoming besties, she might want to just chat with a neighbor out in the sunshine.


EXCHANGE NUMBERS. Now, this is a tricky situation. You don’t want to be over zealous asking for someone’s phone number, so the rule of thumb that I always use is to chat with a person on at least two instances before asking for a phone number so that you can text them about a cool event they might want to meet your family at (Have no idea what fun things are going on? That’s what my blog is for!). Resist the urge to become Facebook friends until you hang out a few times…because really…that’s just creepy.


Here’s to hoping that these tips help you get off of Mommy Island and find your Mommy Match. I am proud to say that these tips found me two wonderful friends…and shockingly, one is a DAD! You can hear about Whip talk about his “Mom Club” every morning on the Eric and Kathy Show on 101.9FM and all about how he hangs out with two crazy moms and their energetic kids at the park every day. And don’t forget that I survived a blind date with a mom…and we’ve been super close ever since!

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Good luck finding your Mommy Match!
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  1. candy says

    I had to laugh some as I started reading this. Who would date someone they found in a bar, really I don’t think so. I will have to tell some of my single friends they need to start hanging out at the parks if they want to find a guy.

    • Amanda says

      Well, this article is about moms meeting one another to become friends, so you might want to take a second look at it.

  2. Jeanette says

    I love what you wrote here! You’re cracking me up with what you said at the beginning. It is very hard to find people that have similar interests as you and kids that are not crazy. I like all your tips here I think it would definitely make it easier to find kids this way.

  3. lisa says

    These are all great tips. I don’t think I’ve ever had a hard time meeting moms at the park. My kids make friends and I just introduce myself to the other moms.

  4. robin masshole mommy says

    LOL, this is funny! I usually keep to myself at the playground. It’s my time to play on my phone uninterrupted 🙂

    • Amanda says

      I’m too afraid that I would be judged if I just sat on my phone…and I actually like playing at the park, too!

  5. Sandy N Vyjay says

    Socializing while your kids are busy playing is a really good idea. Although it can be very awkward at first, but one can get used to it as time passes. The tips are on point and really helpful.

    • Amanda says

      I’ve made a fool out of myself so many times that now I have no worries being brave and striking up a conversation.

  6. Kimberly says

    HAHA I love that this was also comical – “What’s your address?”
    I don’t think that I’d ever be a facebook friend with anyone I just met. Good lord no. I just about had a stroke when my son’s school secretary found me on facebook and added me. I couldn’t deny her. She was the school secretary. Damn it. Talk about awkward.

    • Amanda says

      The Facebook friend thing is tricky. Lots of my readers “friend” me but I’m just not comfortable with that.

  7. Pam Wattenbarger says

    My daughter was actually just telling me that she made a mom friend at her last trip to the park. It helps than the other mom and my daughter take their kids to the same Baby Bounce class.

  8. Teresa says

    HA! So true – my neighborhood is such a mixture of cultures ad each tent o ‘stick together’, sadly. I have yet to find a gal pal in my hood. Thus, the reason I want to move!!

  9. paula schuck says

    LOL this is hilarious. Yes it can be very hard to meet and connect with other moms and to make new friends too. Also you need to love their kids or they can drive you crazy, right? Anyways just letting you know I bet you are a great blind date mom.

    • Amanda says

      I’ve met so many great moms with obnoxious kids…unfortunately that friendship just didn’t work out!

  10. Practical Mama says

    Not a random pick up in the park but way back when my son was 1 year old, I’ve met our upstairs neighbor at an NPN event. Our sons were the same age and they had many playdates until we moved. Also with my son, I needed a lot of assist from my husband to cover my son so that I could socialize. Otherwise, all I did was run around with the Flash!

    • Amanda says

      Well that sounds awesome that you met someone in your building that was a great match for you! One of the reasons why I love attending NPN events.

  11. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Great tips. I do babysit for my grandchildren 2-3 times a week and going to the park is an activity we usually do. There are young moms who try to start a conversation with me, mostly asking for advice on what to do if their child has this or that or how to address the issue of tantrums. Haha. I guess an older person at a park commands authority. 🙂

  12. Jeanine says

    Love this. Some really great tips that I could for sure use. I try to avoid people at the park and generally just sit and watch my kids or play with them but that needs to change!

  13. Dawn McAlexander says

    It can be so difficult to find a mommy. I think you are right. The best way to meet them is at the park. I never thought of this when my daughter was young. I wish I had. Maybe raising my daughter would have been a better experience.

  14. Amanda Love says

    I think it’s awesome to have mom friend that you can hang out with while you’re at the park. You have someone to talk to and you also have someone who can support you.

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