Peach & Basil Sangria

Looking for a refreshing way to capture the sweetness of summer? Then look no further than this crowd pleasing, flavorful Peach & Basil sangria. Even better? It only takes about five minutes to prep so you won’t spend too much time replenishing the pitcher and can instead spend your time kicking back and relaxing with friends, savoring one fruity sip at a time. You can even make a mocktail version of the Peach & Basil Sangria so no one is left out at the next patio party.

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Obviously, peaches play a KEY role in this Peach & Basil sangria recipe. But the most important thing to remember is that the peaches MUST be in season. So if your legs aren’t sticking to the seats in your car and you aren’t sweating simply walking down the street, don’t make this unique and flavorful sangria….yet. But once the heat has arrived and peaches are in prime season, THAT is when you can bust out this crowd pleasing recipe. And don’t forget to add basil from your own herb garden and also use some herb infused ice cubes to keep your sangria cool.

(substitute any flavor La Croix water for the wine if looking for a cocktail version)

-4 ripe peaches (peeled and diced)

-1 cup Pellegrino

-1 bottle of white wine (Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc are best), preferably from 90+ Cellars

-1/4 cup Triple Sec

-1/4 cup fresh lime juice

-1/4 cup ribbons of basil and ¼ cup chopped peaches for garnish


One of the best things about this Peach & Basil sangria is that it gets better (i.e. more flavorful) the longer it sits (preferably in your fridge). So feel free to make it the night before you are serving it to guests…just be sure to add the basil right before serving so it tastes and looks as fresh as possible.


And if you are looking for an easier way to make the peach puree that doesn’t involve climbing to the top of your kitchen storage and getting your rarely used food processor, invest in a Magic Bullet. It is such an easy way to prep things like salsa, smoothies, and so much more with as little fuss and mess as possible.


In a large pitcher, combine the bottle of wine, triple sec, and lime juice. Mix thoroughly and store in the fridge while you prepare the peach puree.


To make the puree, skin the peaches so that all skin is off. Next, chop the peaches into smaller pieces and put into a food processor. Add the carbonated water ¼ cup at a time while pulsing the food processor to ensure that there are no lumps in your peach puree. Add or omit water based on the peach puree texture that you prefer (I like mine to have the same consistency as apple sauce).


Add and stir the peach puree into the pitcher that has been chilling in the refrigerator. Add ice. Finally, add ribbons of basil (create this shape by rolling the basil before slicing it into smaller pieces and cubes of fresh peach to the elixir.

Need some tasty tidbits to pair with your Peach & Basil sangria? Here are some easy prep options that will feed and impress a crowd and beautify your Instagram feed.

Happy Summer and more importantly….CHEERS!
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  1. Tami says

    Peach is one of my few favorite fruits. I never considered peach flavored drinks. I can’t wait to try this one.

  2. Madison says

    This looks like a great summer drink! I don’t like alcohol but my husband would probably like this! I’ll have to make it for him some day!

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