What to Pack in Daddy’s Diaper Bag

Never in a million years would I have imagined that one tiny baby would require SO MUCH STUFF. Seriously. Fast forward five years and I am still carting his things around when we are out and about, but thankfully I have become wiser over the years when packing a diaper bag. Another thing I’ve learned? That Daddy can have his own diaper bag so I can take a breath and focus on myself instead of my family for a while. Do you need a bit of a break, too? Then look no further than my list of what to pack in Daddy’s diaper bag. Just be sure to forward this article to your hubby before you go running to the door to meet up with your mom squad.


The Essentials

*Water bottle (one for the kiddo, one for the Dad)

*Snacks that don’t melt or freeze (examples: granola bar, raisins, veggie straws, dry cereal) and formula if needed

*Complete change of clothes for the child

*Clean shirt for Dad (let’s get real…men can be just as messy as children while eating.)

*Hand sanitizer



*Diapers/Pull ups if not totally potty trained

*1-2 books (“Look and Find” books are awesome for when waiting with kids)

*2-3 small toys (examples: slinky, toy cars, anything that squeaks or lights up)

*First aid kit (include bandaids, thermometer, child medicine, headache medicine for adults)

*2-3 plastic grocery store bags (because life with kids is messy…and it is best to contain that mess as best you can before mom finds it.)

*napkins/paper towels


Just Porter Backpacks

Now that probably seems like a ton of stuff, right? Well…it is. Which leads me to another important part of this conversation. You need to pick the right bag or else all of your hard work will be for nothing. What should you look for in a Daddy diaper bag?

It needs to be well made, have lots of compartments, and fit Dad’s lifestyle. For us, it was a no brainer that we chose a Just Porter bag. Their bags are hand crafted and meticulously made so that each and every buckle and compartment has a specific purpose, which is key for a diaper bag. With two little boys who require lots of outfit changes throughout the day (they’ve never met a muddy puddle that they haven’t jumped into), we carry around a ton of extra clothes. Our old bag wouldn’t even zip because it was filled to the brim. We don’t have that issue with our Streeter College Commuter Backpack. There is a place for everything….as well as any other little treasurers they find on their way to the park.

Another aspect that we love about the Just Porter backpacks is that they are durable, which is a must for Chicago families. I mean, Mother Nature can really pound on us Midwesterners so we need bags that can withstand the elements and the Just Porter bags are definitely up to the challenge with their high quality, waterproof materials. My husband can be just as rough as our little boys, so his diaper bag has been thrown around quite a bit. But you would never know since it is still in the same condition as the day we bought it…and oh so stylish, of course!

Not only does Just Porter create great bags for individuals, but they are also creating great things for communities. With each bag purchase, Just Porter donates a backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need. So that means that by buying a bag that suits your lifestyle, you are changing a child’s life. How absolutely amazing is that?!?


If you are looking for something to get the man in your life for the holidays, I highly recommend one of the unique bags from Just Porter. You will be giving him a great bag, contributing to the awesome Just Porter charity mission, and giving yourself a much needed break, sweet mama. Now that’s what we call a win!


This post was sponsored by Just Porter. All opinions are my own.

Happy Packing!
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  1. Eloise says

    Yes, must help those men fill their bags with the necessary essentials… babies need a lot (toddlers too!) so that size of a bag will be perfect for your list : )

  2. Jeanette says

    I love the backpack! I used a backpack also when my son was a baby. It just seem to make more sense to me. This way my husband would not be so embarrassed with holding a baby bag also. This looks like a nice one.

    • Amanda says

      It is just a regular backpack that my hubby uses for their “boy adventures.” It is great for work and everyday use as well.

  3. Rebecca Swenor says

    Just Porter sounds like an amazing company and I love the donate a back pack with school supplies with ever purchase. Thanks for sharing this awesome bag and it really is perfect for a daddy diaper bag.

  4. Nancy L. says

    This is awesome! When my children were babies, I don’t recall ever seeing a “daddy diaper bag.” Great suggestions for what daddy should carry as well! I just found a neat Christmas gift for my B-I-L! Thanks!

  5. Dhemz says

    awww, that’s really neat! I would love to get one for my husband but I’m pretty sure he’ll complain. He wants something small to carry…lol! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kathy says

    That’s a really nice bag. I wish I had something like that for my husband when my girls were little, although he never carried so much, he’d still carry the diaper bag no matter what it looked like. He’s even carried my purse multiple times before.

  7. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This is a great bag for Dads. I always pack a change of clothes,. You never know when you might need them. I will have to share this with my friend who is expecting.

  8. CourtneyLynne says

    I just love how daddy diaper bags are in these days!!! Back four years ago when my daughter was itty bitty it was the total opposite for my hubby! Now he has friends that have newborns and it’s a thing for dudes to have a bag!!! Better late than never I suppose lol.

  9. Lisa Heath says

    I remember years ago when my son was little, there were literally NO options for men as far as diaper bags go. They all looked frilly and girly! This looks so much better

  10. Jesica H says

    The real trick is to make sure they TAKE the bag with them! I cannot even count the times I have packed a perfect bag, and my husband leaves it behind! These are great tips, and a really great looking bag!

  11. Sara says

    This is a really cute Dad’s diaper bag. I love that Just Porter also donates some of their profits. Dads need to have a bag that they feel comfortable using.

    • Amanda says

      Just Porter is really a great company. I’m happy to support another Chicagoland business that gives back to the community.

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