Odysseo by Cavalia–Chicago’s Best Date Night

It’s no secret that parents need nights out to just get away from it all: the diapers, the whining, and the notion that you can’t sit and enjoy a show uninterrupted for more than ten minutes straight (except for when “Paw Patrol” is on. Duh.) That’s why I want to introduce the hardworking parents of Chicagoland to one of the best date night options available: Odysseo by Cavalia. All of those billboards you have been seeing while driving around Chicagoland? They are a silent reminder to book a babysitter, get out of your yoga pants and head to Soldier Field to take in an enchanting and artistic show before it’s too late!


I was provided with free tickets to review this show. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Odysseo is the world’s largest touring production, a showcase of both equestrian and stage art, punctuated by high tech theatrical effects. All of these elements work together to impress audiences with a feast not just for the eyes and ears, but for the soul. Throughout the two acts, performers create beautiful song and movement to highlight how humans and horses live together in exquisite harmony.

The show is structured to take the audience on a multi-dimensional journey all over the world, from an African savannah to the Northern Lights. The lively music and stunning décor truly makes you feel like you are escaping to another world without even needing a passport, thanks to the 18 projectors being used simultaneously.

There are so many talented artists that contribute to the dream-like Odysseo journey. Some showcased their high energy and strength through jumping and climbing, while others worked together in a more fluid and elegant dance, soaring to the tops of the Big Top tent. I could have watched them beautifully contort their body for hours…all while comparing their gymnastics to what my boys showcase in our playroom every day.

But the real stars of the show are the impressively agile and stunningly strong 65 horses. Their natural beauty is highlighted through all of the performances, as is their strength and bond with their human counterparts. As an avid animal lover, I am always a bit skeptical about animals being used for entertainment, but it was evident not just during the show, but also during my backstage tour that the horses are treated with the utmost respect and care by the Odysseo by Cavalia team.

Our date night was elevated to the next level through our Rendez-Vous VIP experience. Before the show, we enjoyed a delicious buffet including cocktails and other refreshments in a beautiful and spacious tent. We returned to the lounge area of the tent during intermission to enjoy dessert and drinks as well. The most unique part of the VIP experience is the stable visit that takes place after the show, where you can meet the beautiful horses that After the show, VIP audience members are given an exclusive behind the scenes stable visit so you can meet the horses that starred in the Odysseo by Cavalia show.

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Enjoy the show!
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    • Amanda says

      It was really neat to get the backstage tour to see how everything is put together to create such a great show!

  1. Eloise says

    love this! that would be amazing to experience this in person and even better as a date night : ) I would love a date to something like this soon… great photos by the way!

  2. Claudia Krusch says

    This looks like an amazing show. I would love to go see it for myself. These are fantastic photos.

  3. Karlyn Cruz says

    The best show ever! This larger-than-life show sends hearts racing, but it is also a feast for the eyes that succeeds in delivering the spectacular with soul. Audiences of all ages are passionately rediscovering the century-old relationship between human and horse.

  4. Rebecca Swenor says

    The Odysseo sounds like an amazing show to see. I can’t believe they use 65 horses which is amazing in it self. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome date night.

  5. Lynndee says

    Wow! That show looks enchanting indeed! And there were 65 horses, huh? Wish they have that show here in the city too. I will surely drag the hubs to watch it.

    • Amanda says

      It is definitely different than what you would see at Medieval Times. It is more about the power and beauty of the horses. No fighting, no competition. Just beautiful and graceful animals.

  6. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly says

    Like you, I am very skeptical about animals in shows, I was so sad when the barnum circus debacle happened with the ‘unicorns’ that it soured me on animals in shows, so it set my mind at ease that you got an after the show tour, and the animals are being treated ethically! I’m glad you mentioned it, because let’s face it, it would have been the first thing on any animal lovers mind. I am in NYC but if I find myself out in chi town again this summer I will be sure to check out odysseo and let them know I saw it here first! 🙂

    • Amanda says

      Definitely keep an eye peeled for it. It was a really great way to celebrate the bond between humans and horses.

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