My Favorite Personalized Stationery

I show up late to most events, I forget people’s names as soon as they tell me them and make social etiquette blunders ALL THE TIME. But when it comes to sending thoughtful and heartfelt notes and cards to family and friends I AM THE QUEEN. Seriously. Why? Because I am a firm believer that sending personalized stationery in the mail is like stuffing yourself into an envelope “Flat Stanley-style” and giving a much needed hug to the recipient. 

I mean, social media is great and all, but coming across a handwritten note or an adorable card is something that warms your heart in a way that a hundred Instagram likes never will. I’m sharing my favorite personalized stationery to inspire you to pick up a pen and send some slow paced love in our fast paced world. I guarantee that it will make you feel just as good as the person on the receiving end. If you don’t believe me, send me a note. 

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There are tons of different stationery stores and boutiques where you can design your own personal stationery, but since I am a busy working mom I prefer to shop online so I can spend more time crafting my message and tracking down the recipient’s address, which I always seem to lose right when I need it.

My go-to website for personalized stationery is Minted. Why? Because of the great quality, plethora of designs, dedication to independent artists…and of course, the sales. And if you are feeling indecisive, you can get free samples of the Minted designs to try out before committing.


Whether you choose flat or foil pressed cards, there are hundreds of personalized stationery designs curated by independent artists to choose from. I tend to stick with Minted Signature Paper because it is thick, luxurious and the perfect blend of off white and cream coloring, but there are also other types of paper available.


I’ll admit it—I am that mom who is a STICKLER about thank you cards. If you attended my child’s party and gave him a gift, you are most definitely going to get a thank you card in return no matter how much my boys complain about it. It is one of those etiquette rules that I am engraining in them because thankfulness is a virtue that our family values. So let them pick out their own personalized stationery if you want a little less whining and to encourage them to sit and write to their family and friends.


The one downside of letter writing? Copying down your address time and time again. It’s almost as bad as getting a papercut on your tongue when securing an envelope. Actually, it might be worse! Anyway, Minted has a unique product called a Skinnywrap Address Label that solves both problems. It is a sticker with the design of your choice that not only serves as your return address information but also seals your envelope. GAME CHANGER!

Prefer an even easier route? Then design your own personalized rubber address stamp. There are tons of different fonts and styles to choose from so that you can find the perfect combination that portrays your family’s unique flair. Zazzle has a ton of great options, whether you are looking for square, rectangular, or circular designs.

Check out this list for more of my mom hacks.

Happy Writing!


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