Monster Jam Insider’s Guide

Being a boy mom has taught me a lot of things. Not only that boys love to make loud and strange sounds that I never before knew existed, that muddy puddles ALWAYS need to be splashed in, and that zooming and crashing cars is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. So when I learned about Monster Jam and how it combines three of my boys’ favorite things, we were all in for an exciting day of racing. We had a blast at our first Monster Jam show but I must admit that we were a bit unprepared. So learn from my mistakes and be fully prepared for monster trucks with my Monster Jam Insider’s Guide.

What to Expect From Monster Jam?

Noise. Racing. Crashing. And above all FUN. Each Monster Jam show features about six different monster trucks and drivers that compete in different categories such as freestyle (think donuts and wheelies) and straight up, head-to-head racing. And since theses massive vehicles are using a ton of power and making a LOT of noise all while inside a stadium, you need to be prepared.


What Should I Bring to Monster Jam?

Headphones and ear plugs. Seriously. It is THAT loud. While small earplugs you can get at a drug store worked for me, they tend to fall out easily so I suggest getting noise cancelling headphones if you are bringing kiddos to Monster Jam. Since it is so loud, I would recommend keeping babies and small children under two at home in the peace and quiet.


All stadiums have different policies for what you can and cannot bring into the stadium, so you should check the website for the facility (the Allstate Arena is the most popular location for us Chicagoans) before leaving home. Food and drinks are available (bring cash!), as well as Monster Jam merchandise. Since Monster Jam gear can be VERY pricey and kids always tend to want the MOST expensive thing they can find (it isn’t just my kids…right?) buy a trinket online or at a big box store before you head to the show.


Lastly, dress in layers because you can check out the monster trucks outside the stadium before the show starts and you want you and your kids to be comfortable either in or outside of the Monster Jam stadium. You can also buy additional tickets for the Pit Party to meet and greet the drivers before the big show.

How to Prepare for Monster Jam?

We went into our first Monster Jam show not knowing ANYTHING other than to bring ear plugs and get ready to see monster trucks. Now we are much more experienced and much wiser, knowing the names of the trucks and a thing or two about the drivers (side note—I love seeing all the female monster truck drivers dominating the course!). We prepared by watching some old Monster Jam videos, watching some clips online, and checking out the Monster Jam website, which you can find for free or at your local library. You can also check up the Monster Jam lineup before hand so you can pick someone to cheer for, donning corresponding colors (I will be bringing some Wonder Woman gear to the Chicago race!).


Monster Jam tickets start at $25 (kids under 2 are free but I wouldn’t recommend bringing them) and you can find a TON of coupon codes online or through your local school. Use CPS in advance and CPS1 for “Day Of” tickets. Enjoy!

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Enjoy Monster Jam!
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  1. Shana Sutton says

    hahaha Love this article. you’re so funny. you sound like all my girl friends that have boys–they said similar things about their monster jam experiences–especially the loud noises. It’s so funny about little boys get soo excited about it…but i guess what could be better than giant trucks going through mud and squashing other trucks? lol

  2. Marissa says

    I love the tip of ear plugs and headphones! It can be so loud for even adult ears, I can’t imagine the kind of damage young ears could receive. That’s a great reminder. No need to miss out of the fun because of the noise.

  3. Tabitha Blue says

    Oh my goodness! I remember monster jam from when I was a kid! It’s not something I’ve taken my kids too yet and I’m sure my boys would love it!

    I’ve only experienced it as a kid, not as a mom, so I’m loving your tips and guide… like the earplugs or noise cancelling headphone. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

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