Monkey Around at The TreeHouse

I tend to refer to my boys as little monkeys more often than not, since they tend to climb over EVERYTHING in our house. Don’t believe me? I have the flattened couch cushions to prove it. So on our quest to find places where they can climb as much as their little banana loving hearts desire, we found the absolute climbing mecca: The TreeHouse in Lake Zurich.


A Safe and Fun Place to Play

This vast indoor play space has over 7,700 square feet for fun and safe playing. There are tons of tunnels and obstacle courses to climb and crawl through, as well as a colorful slide, basketball area, infant play area, and of course…a GIANT TREE HOUSE.


When we first went to The TreeHouse, it was at the height of cold and flu season so as a cautious mom I was nervous about the cleanliness of the playground. I was pleasantly surprised with how diligent the staff was about ensuring that everyone used hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the play space. There are also staff members who are constantly patrolling the tubes and tunnels in the play space to ensure that everyone is keeping socks on, following the posted rules, and staying safe so that everyone could relax and have a blast.


My youngest is obsessed with balls, so he spent the majority of his time in the basketball court area. It was fantastic that there was a plethora of soft and squishy balls so that instead of crying if a ball hit them, the kids in this area laughed and were not phased one bit.


My oldest, who is slightly braver, had a blast running around after his friends, climbing up and through the different paths. Since he is on the smaller side, I had to help him in the swinging sections, but that just lead to more Mommy & Son bonding time. He is a bit timid about slides, but after a little coaxing he had a blast racing me down the colorful slides, with his friends cheering us on.

One of the reasons why I love The TreeHouse the most isn’t because of their obsession with cleanliness or their safe play space…it is the lack of electronics. The huge jungle gym is so interactive and engaging that kids of all ages were enjoying the structures without the need for shiny lights or other electronic gadgets to sway them one way or another. It is simply just plain fun.


Special Extras

Once my boys are slightly older I can’t wait to take advantage of everything The TreeHouse has to offer for kids. There is ample comfortable seating (we are talking comfortable leather recliners here…no folding chairs allowed!), as well as an abundance of magazines to choose from, Free Wifi, and an espresso bar, so you can take a load off while watching your little monkeys scale the play structures.


Oh, and another amazing feature? You pay once and can play all day. That means you can play in the morning, run some errands or put the little ones down for a nap, and come back…all in the same day! It is perfect for rainy or cold days…or when you just want to indulge your little monkeys.

The Restaurant

There is no outside food or drink allowed because The TreeHouse is not just a play space, but also a restaurant. We had pizza during our visit, which was tasty, and we are excited to go back and try some of their healthy snacks and other kid-friendly meal options. The grilled cheese smelled out of this world and their lattes looked heavenly!


Birthday Parties

We attended a birthday party at The TreeHouse and it went off without a hitch. There was a great area for us to keep our things, extremely helpful employees focused just on our group to help us with anything and everything, a well run and organized schedule to balance playing, pizza, and cake, and my friend was able to bring in her own cake. It was an absolute blast compared to some other parties at play spaces we have been to, and we will definitely think about holding future events at The TreeHouse.


Check out this informational page on admission and membership info….psst, a membership makes a great gift that won’t clutter up your house!

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Happy Playing!
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  1. Simply Rachel says

    This is so cool!! We are currently in Germany but they have a TON of places similar to this (THANKFULLY)! Where I’m from stateside, not so much! I ADORE places like this! Parents get to chill. Children get to get out energy – especially in the dead of winter! I wish there were MORE around!

  2. Michele says

    That really sounds like a great place for kids to just be kids and play to their hearts content and maybe even get to use their imaginations a little!

  3. Kimberly Grabinski says

    This is a perfect combination for kids and adults alike. It allows them the freedom to play and us the freedom to work or play ourselves. It looks like they had a lot of fun.

  4. Terri says

    What a fun place, I bet Tyler, Alyssa and Abby would have a blast there. That humongous tree house looks like so much fun, I would love it myself.

  5. Rosey says

    We just went to one in Michigan. They look exactly the same in layout. I didn’t realize there was more than one!

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