How to Make a Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie. It’s hard to say and even more difficult to spell (I had to type in three different options before Google had any idea what term I was searching for). With all of the struggles aside, a charcuterie board is the answer to every woman’s hosting dreams. Why? Because it is such an easy way to put together an easy and impressive appetizer that will undoubtedly have your guests uploading it to Instagram. I mean, nobody does that with plain old chips and salsa. So here’s How to Make a Charcuterie Board, a skill every woman should have up her sleeve.

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First off, a charcuterie board is made up of mostly store bought and store prepped supplies. If that isn’t a game changer, I don’t know what is. The most amount of work will be washing produce, opening jars, slicing meats, and taking crackers out of the box. SO EASY.

Even better? You don’t even have to go to a boutique or gourmet grocery shop to get delicious options. Trader Joe’s and World Market are my favorite places to stock my charcuterie board, but any grocery store will have tantalizing and easy options.

Additionally, you can serve all of your appetizers on one, big impressive dish. So that means you won’t be slaving over the dishes once your party is over. Come to think of it, the bigger the platter the more gorgeous and Instagramable your charcuterie platter will be. Don’t worry about foods touching since they are all designed to be enjoyed together.

Simply try to create a bountiful and overflowing platter of goodies. I mean, doesn’t prosciutto, fig jam and grilled bread sound like the greatest flavor combo imaginable? One last tip—pick up a beautiful white platter to serve as your charcuterie board since it is a timeless and classic way to entertain—and be sure that it has handles for easy transport. You can shop beautiful charcuterie boards here.

The charcuterie board options are ENDLESS. My rule of thumb is to focus on having a mix of textures (crunchy breadsticks, smooth and soft goat cheese spread for example) and a trifecta of flavors—sweet, spicy, and savory. Fresh or dried fruit provides a sweet, juicy addition to what can be salty cured meats such as salami. For spice, nuts can add a unique flavor, as well as strawberry jalapeno jam and spicy cheeses such as pepperjack.


FruitApple slices, clementines, dates, grapes, peaches/apricots, dried cherries, melon, almonds, plantain chips

VegetablesCucumbers, carrots, peppers, green onions, cherry tomatoes, olives, marinated artichokes, cornichons

CheesesMarinated mozzarella balls, gorgonzola, blueberry goat cheese, parmesan crisps, fontinella, provolone, brie, aged cheddar, cheese sticks

BreadsThinly sliced baguette, fig and olive crackers, pretzels, wafer crackers, multigrain bread, breadsticks, baguette crisps 

SpreadsPesto, olive tapenade, fig jam, apple butter, quince jelly, strawberry jalapeno jam, grainy mustard, pate

MeatsSausage (like chorizo), prosciutto, salami, pepperoni


After finding a large platter, divide it up into sections (either three or four main areas depending on the size and shape of your dish). Then use a large item–typically hunks of cheese or a large bunch of grapes–to be the foundation for each section.

Once your large ingredients are in place, start slowly integrating other related items. For example, keep wet items away from bread to avoid a soggy mess and place crackers near jam and spreads.

In addition to functionality, space out colors so that you have a cohesive, put together board. For example, I use orange slices in one area of my board and cheddar cheese cube in another section so the bright color is sprinkled throughout my board.

Finally, add accents to fill in your board. Remember, the way to make it look impressive and Instagram worthy is to have it bursting with snacks. I like to sprinkle nuts, herbs, and dried fruit in empty crevices. You can even include a pumpkin or two for a Thanksgiving board or fresh flowers on a Spring Charcuterie Board.

For more tried and true recipes whether you are entertaining or just enjoying a meal at home with your family, check out my favorites.

Bon appetite!
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  1. candy says

    I never used the big fancy name for making this but we have been doing this for years now. Especially in the summer when all the fresh vegetables are being picked from the garden. We open up fresh homemade salsa and other condiments that people love to eat.

  2. Tomi C says

    We call this an apertif tray. Wait til I wow them with this “Charcuterie” AFTER I learn to pronounce it. No matter what you call it it must have a variety of textures: some crunch, some schmear and some smush. Your board looks so good. Is that prosciutto? Love prosciutto and apples or pears. Yummy!

  3. Lisa says

    Yum. This kind of reminds me of an antipasto appetizer you can get at an Italian restaurant. But this looks even easier to make and more cost friendly.

  4. Carol Cassara says

    It’s definitely the perfect way to serve appetizers at a party especially if the party is bound to go on all day or all night. It’s really easy to put together different things that the guests will enjoy. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Amanda says

      It’s also great for a lazy Sunday at home while playing board games with the kiddos. A charcuterie tray does really well at room temperature.

  5. Cyn Gagen says

    Okay – I just love charcuterie boards. I have several of the boards and bring them out all the time. I could practically live on that type of food. Thanks for the great tips!

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