LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago

Calling all thinkers and tinkerers!  Looking for a fun and interactive place that promotes learning for kids, both young and old (I’m looking at you, parents and grandparents)?  Then look no further than Legoland Discovery Center Chicago.  It is the perfect way to spend the day tinkering, creating, and discovering…and you won’t end up stepping on any Legos!  Located right outside Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Legoland Chicago is a great place to escape dreary Chicago weather, avoid screens, and focus on building endless structures (and brains, too!).

Toys as Art

From the outside, Legoland doesn’t seem like much other than a giant yellow giraffe constructed out of Legos. Which is cool, especially since it survives harsh Chicago winters and summers. But alas, it is a treasure trove of family fun. Spanning two levels, there is a wide array of amusement for kids of all ages, as well as adults.  After the entrance is the unofficial Lego museum. At first, looking at all of the different structures, from skyscrapers to animals to even super heroes, one thinks “Oh, that’s cute.” But if you really think about how much creativity and effort it takes to create these enormous pieces of art, it is truly breathtaking.  As someone who is enamored with Chicago, I absolutely loved the Miniland Chicago on display and “oohed” and “aahed” over the replica Buckingham Fountain, Millenium Park, Navy Pier, and famous skyscrapers.

The Heart of Legoland

The heart of Legoland Chicago is on the second level. There is so much to see and do…you could literally spend hours there. There are tons of building stations set up all over the room, and Legoland Chicago representatives change “challenges” each half hour, prompting kids (and parents, too!) to create rocket ships, structures based off The Lego movie, etc. Winners received some fun prizes, such as being able to keep the Legos they were building with during the informal competition.

My boys loved the Lego Racers Build and Test construction, but not as much as they loved racing them down huge ramps. Since my boys are novice Lego builders, they came apart at the bottom of the ramp incredibly often and led to some tears, so thankfully Daddy tinkered along side them to create some stronger planes and airplanes.

Tinkerers can also try their hand at creating boats that not only float but can brave the waves at the Legoland water table. Be sure to grab a smock before you join in on the water filled fun!

Our little guy absolutely loved the Lego City Construction Site play space, climbing up stairs, racing down slides, crawling through tunnels…he definitely worked up a sweat and an appetite. Luckily there is a small café right next to the play space so that he could have a few snacks and then head back to playing.

Since I like to build abstract towers with Legos (I can’t build a car or anything meaningful to save my life), I loved interacting with my boys using simple and basic Duplos in the Duplo Village. We built so many neat pyramids and towers with both the small Duplos and giant rubber Legos—it was such a great way to fine tune our small motor skills and creativity.

Since my boys are on the younger side, we stuck to the basic Legoland activities. But if you have older children, they will get a thrill out of the other attractions. There are rides, The Kingdom Quest Laser Ride and Merlin’s Apprentice Ride, that are included in general admission and you can ride them as many times as you (or rather, your kiddos) want to.

There is also a 4D Cinema that runs two different movies every 15 minutes. They are family friendly and run constantly, so just drop in to the theatre, as the movies are included in general admission as well.

The emphasis on learning and education is continued through the Lego Master Builder Academy, a free 25 minute program for more advanced builders. If your little tike wants to attend, feel free to go and build along with them.

You can also learn about how Legos are made as part of the Lego Factory Tour. Unfortunately this was under construction when we visited, but I’m sure it will have some great renovations for our next visit.

Insider Tips
  1. Order tickets online. They are much cheaper, and you can also book your visit time. Since it can get crowded, especially on weekends, they stagger attendance. If you sign up for an arrival time before hand, you eliminate any waiting—just walk right in! Use code VPAPR19 for 20% off admission in 2019.
  2. Pack light. There aren’t areas such as a locker room or coat check, so we dress our boys (and ourselves) in layers so we don’t need to carry puffy coats and whatnot.
  3. Be prepared to play. With hundreds of thousands of Legos put out for tinkering, it is impossible to not want to get your hands dirty—and kids always love second opinions on their creations. So put your phone away and PLAY.
  4. Eat heavy snacks before attending Legoland if you are only staying for a few hours. The café has somewhat limited food options, but there are great ones located in The Streets of Woodfield (Corner Bakery, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Chipotle, Meatheads, etc.).
  5. Browse discount sites for cheap admission tickets. Living Social tends to have great deals seasonally.


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Happy Playing!
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    • amandasimkin says

      It’s a really fun place….be sure to book your time slot online before you leave the house just in case it is a popular spot for other families that day!

  1. Kay M says

    My boys would LOVE to visit LEGOLAND! They love LEGOS and we have a TON of them. Your pictures are so beautiful! You should make them bigger!!

  2. Myrabev says

    I would so love to go to Lego land one day preferably before I have kids so that when I do have and have to take them I know what I am talking about and not just shooting in the dark. I would love to visit Chicago as well big time I am sure one day I will

  3. brook devis says

    what a great place. Wow. iit seems to be awesome for kids and they can enjoy a lot there. i love all the pictures you took thanx for sharing

  4. Nancy says

    I went to a very very small lego land (mainly just a lego store but it was much huger than the one’s in the malls), and I took a ton of photos for my nephews to check out. They’re SO big into legos, it’s basically all I buy for them for their birthdays/Christmas. 🙂

  5. Nikki says

    I would LOVE to go to Legoland! I’m hoping we get one a bit closer to us soon. Otherwise, it will be on my list next time I’m out in the Chicago area. It just looks like such a fun place to visit. Plus my son would have a blast!

  6. rochkirstin says

    Oh wow those who are really fond of playing with Lego blocks will be happy to visit this place. There are so many things you can interact with. Both kids and adults can play. Are the food available and being served in the cafe nice?

    • amandasimkin says

      The food is okay, nothing too special. Since I am a food snob, we like to visit a nearby restaurant instead and simply just have a snack from the café.

  7. Tammilee Tips says

    Legoland looks like an amazing place to visit! I had no idea that Chicago had this. The lego stores we have here are fun to go look at the little exhibits that have in store.

  8. Giveaways 4 Mom says

    Last year the boys and I went to Legofest. We don’t have a LegoLand in our area however all of the reviews I have read were always talking highly of it. In the future I would like to take the boys to one.

  9. Breanna says

    Wow! What an amazing place! My son would LOVE this! 🙂 He is really into MegaBlocks right now (he is only 2) but I am pretty sure he will be a Lego Lover once he is a bit older!

    • amandasimkin says

      The MegaBlocks are so fun, too. Thankfully there was a Lego area with Duplos for my little guy to enjoy.

  10. Rose hawkins says

    Can there be more adults than kids? I want to take my two girls and my parents, will that be ok? (4 adults and 2 kids)

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