Last Minute Holiday Gifts That Don’t Suck

I get it. You were so busy trimming the tree, remembering to get everyone a flu shot, and shoveling the drive way that you fell WAY behind on your holiday shopping list. Guess what? It happened to me, too. But here’s the thing…there is STILL TIME to get impressive gifts for everyone on your list, from your spouse to your neighbor to that really weird coworker you got through your work’s “Secret Santa” exchange. Last minute holiday gifts don’t have to stuck. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Then check these out:

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For the Kids

Let’s be honest, you aren’t going to be able to find a Hatchimal that you won’t have to give up a kidney for, so start thinking about PRACTICAL and FUN things. It doesn’t hurt to pick up another cute and FREE pair of pajamas (I mean, can you ever really have enough cozy pajamas?!?), or some adorable slippers for the long, harsh winter. As for books, there are some great Christmas books to choose from, and recently my boys have fallen in love with the story of the smart and savvy “Ada Twist, Scientist.” If you are still looking for a “big gift” to give, you can’t go wrong with a Land of Nod teepee. We have tried the cheaper versions from box stores, and they are just that: CHEAP. My boys destroyed them very easily, so make a wise choice and invest in something that will last throughout their childhood. Puzzles are another great last minute gift for your niece or nephew…or the adorable kid next door who just presented you with some delicious homemade treats. I must admit that I will also spend hours building with Magnatiles and Magformers (slightly cheaper but still insanely fun!). Lastly, you can never go wrong with setting up a creative station featuring an easel or other materials for pretend play…electronics not needed!

For the Moms

Whenever you ask a mom what she wants for the holidays, she tends to brush off the question with an “I don’t know” or “I don’t need anything.” Guess what? It’s a BIG FAT LIE. We want stuff. We want to feel loved and appreciated because we work hard to keep our family afloat. That doesn’t mean that we need an expensive gift, but splurging on a nice bottle of champagne, a spa certificate, a new housekeeper…it would make us REALLY happy. Are you a mom reading this and want to give some specific gift suggestions to your hubby so you aren’t empty handed on Christmas? I totally understand. So guys, listen up! We love anything rose gold. Seriously. Home decor, jewelry…we love it ALL. A gorgeous blanket scarf would help cover up the spit up stains on our clothes…and speaking of clothes, a membership to Le Tote would be an amazing way to keep us stylish and out of the laundry room! It is an especially great gift for pregnant moms who don’t want to pay for maternity clothes but still want to feel beautiful as their bump grows. We also wouldn’t mind a night out with the girls while you stay home with the kids…and clean up once they are in bed!

For the Dads

Dads seem to have just about everything. Seriously. My Dad was always hard to buy for, and my husband is always the trickiest person on my shopping list. Thankfully, I have asked the dads on the play ground what they enjoy receiving as gifts and am pleased to say that there are some really cool and creative things you can gift them. Guys are all about comfort, so this Chicago flag hooded sweatshirt is a winner for Dads trying to survive in Chiberia. Speaking of Chicagoans, it would be safe to say that Bill Murray is one of the most beloved people from the Second City (and I’m NOT saying that just because he’s my cousin, I swear!), which makes this adorable book inspired by the famous actor the perfect bathroom reading for the man in your life. The brand new Trump insert for Cards Against Humanity has been trending on social media this holiday season, which pairs well with a fine whiskey or six pack of local craft beer. And you can never go wrong with booking a babysitter and going out for a night on the town like before you had kids…it’s like a gift for you, too!

For the Very Random People in Your Life

Yep, this year you need to be prepared for when someone brings you a holiday gift and all you did was send them a card in the mail. So I recommend stocking piling three things just to avoid these awkward circumstances…and if no one comes over with a gift for you, guess what? You get to keep the gifts that you bought. SCORE! This list is also great for “Secret Santas” and other gift exchanges that cause way too much stress than necessary. Since the holidays can be awkward and painful, one of the most helpful gifts you can give someone is a creative flask. You can also help them have a leg up on 2017 by gifting them a new adorable planner.  Adult coloring books are still all the rage, and you can never go wrong with a pair of cute and quirky socks. Skip the Starbucks gift card and get them something memorable this year!

Looking for an amazing gift experience? The best subscription boxes? I’ve got you covered, Santa! 😉

Happy Gifting!
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  1. Wendy Polisi says

    Woah! I’m pretty sure that my husband would love the Chicago flag hooded sweatshirt and adorable book inspired by the famous actor.

  2. kendall says

    These are all such great ideas! I love blanket scarves and wraps too, they’re so cozy and fun to accessorize with!

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