Lake Arlington

In the Northwest Burbs, there is a secret gem nestled right next to a typical neighborhood.  With trails, playgrounds, and even a beach, it is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the Midwest.  Where is this awesome place?  Lake Arlington, of course!


As you probably noticed from previous posts, my boys and I absolutely love being outside (I especially love when they burn off their boundless energy and take great naps in the afternoon), so Lake Arlington has been a place that I have been taking my boys to since they were itty bitty babies.  Pushing them along the 2.5 mile loop while in the stroller was the perfect way to get them to snooze and for me to burn off some of the baby weight while getting outside and enjoying a break from our “baby bubble.”



But now that they are older, they absolutely REFUSE to sit in the stroller and instead want to be out and about to explore.  Typically this poses a problem during the warmer months, especially the summer, because the bike path is so busy with runners and bikers and the boys can’t seem to figure out how to stay on the correct side of the yellow dividing line.  So we really like going to “our lake” in the Spring and Fall when it is less crowded to play in the parks, walk along the path, check out the wild life, and play in the park.


Speaking of the park, Lake Arlington has one of the best toddler parks I have been to in our area because of the swings, slides, and kid-friendly soft flooring.  It is very spacious as well, and thankfully there is a rock wall that keeps your little ones contained and safe from the busy bike path.



There are also some parks hidden along the 2.5 mile loop that are more appropriate for older kiddos, including a volleyball sand pit.  There is a small beach where you can rent boats seasonally, and we can’t wait until the boys are old enough to take advantage of this fun aspect of the lake.


    Hope to see you at the park soon!


P.S.  DO NOT feed the wildlife.  They will hound you and it is kind of scary.  I speak from experience!

Looking for other ways to enjoy nature?  Be sure to check out a nature center!



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  1. Melissa Kent Krueger says

    Don’t you love those places that seem like they belong to your family for treasured moments? We have a couple here in Rhode Island as well, and now that my little guy is more mobile, I’m really looking forward to creating “our” spaces. I’m hoping to find the perfect toddler park in the spring for him!

    Happy blogging,

  2. juliesclark says

    What beautiful pictures! I can’t believe that in my 46 years of life I have never been to Chicago (except for sitting in an airplane at O’Hare). You make me want to come explore the Second City. Thanks for posting!

  3. sarahmariekc says

    That looks like an awesome park!!! I *heart* Chicago. I have good friends out there, and I’ve been thinking it’s time for another visit… not now, though. I visited once in January and don’t plan to do THAT again. 🙂 But when the weather is warmer, maybe I can trek out there with my 4-year-old. He’d enjoy it more now than when he was only a year. Chicago does have some fabulous public play places!

  4. dogear6 says

    Congratulations on making it through the 31 Days! I’m so glad you came and checked me out, prompting me to come and look at your blog also. I’m really enjoying watching you and the kids and seeing what’s happening back home.

    There are so many great lakes in the suburbs. Non-Chicagoans think it’s all about Lake Michigan. When we lived in DuPage County, we used to love going to Lake Ellyn (Glen Ellyn). When we lived farther out, it was the Fox River which had all kinds of paths besides it.


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