How to Throw a NFL Kickoff Party

The only good thing about summer coming to an end? The kickoff of the NFL season! We bleed orange and blue in our house (I mean, look at all of this cool Chicago Bears gear–can you blame us?!?!) and have been counting down to the Bears season opener since the school year began. You too? Then don’t miss my guide for How to Throw a NFL Kickoff Party. I guarantee it will be the sweetest kickoff you have ever tasted.

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NFL Kickoff Party Prep

While the official start to the 2018 NFL season is on September 6th, don’t wait until the last minute to prep for your party. Make a list of party “to-do’s” along with your kids and divide up tasks so you aren’t stuck doing all of the work yourself (Hint: The kids can tackle the playroom while you tackle the bathrooms). My favorite party planning hack? Heading to Meijer for cleaning supplies, Bears gear, game day food, and of course, officially licensed NFL cakes and cupcakes. Being able to pick up your party supplies in one convenient location will make party planning as fun as belting out “Bear Down.”

NFL Kickoff Party Menu

One of the downsides of having people over to watch sports is that you get so busy with hosting duties that you can miss pivotal plays on the field. That’s why I am all about “make ahead meals” and entertaining that puts my guests to work. Utilize your slow cooker (or Instant Pot if you are fancier than me!) so you can relax and watch the game along with your guests. Need help brainstorming menus? Well, you can’t go wrong with a baked potato bar, a big vat of chili and all the fixings, or pulled pork sliders if you ask me!

And for those with a massive sweet tooth (I know I’m not the only one), pick up one of the officially licensed NFL cakes and cupcakes now available at Meijer. They come in a wide variety of flavors and it is the most delicious way to show your team spirit. You can even celebrate a heated rivalry (I’m looking at you, friends and family over the Wisconsin border) by getting an officially licensed NFL cake for both teams. Just try really hard not to push any Packers’ fan faces into the cake—it’s too delicious to waste!

NFL Kickoff Party Activities

For the adults, the football games are the main attraction. But for those of us with kids, we know that it is practically impossible to watch an entire NFL football game in peace without kids distracting us, asking for things, getting in fights, claiming they are bored…you know the drill. So keep the kids safely occupied while you cheer your team on to victory!

Kids can make their own pennants to use when cheering their team onto victory using construction paper, crayons, markers…anything that won’t get them into too much trouble. They can also get in on every touchdown celebration by having their own touch down dance competition. Adults can be the judges and award the best dancer the first cupcake of the party! Finally, if the weather is nice enough, have the kids create their own football game. Just remind them that it is tackle only!

Lucky enough to head to Solider Field? Then be sure to check out my tips for taking kids to a Chicago Bears game. Here’s to hoping the Bears have a victorious season this year…and if not, there is always cake!

Bear Down!
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  1. Amanda says

    Thankfully there is a cold front in Chicago so I have slow cooker pulled pork and flannel tees along with NFL cakes on the menu tonight!

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