How to Style a Fall Themed Porch

My DVR is full of HGTV shows, I accepted a first date with my husband hoping that one day I would get to use his Crate and Barrel discount, and I may or may not have a stockpile of “Magnolia” magazines on my nightstand just in case insomnia hits. So when I say that I love home design, I truly mean it. I am no expert but based on the random people who stop me when I’m outside to tell me how beautiful my yard is, I know a thing or two about home décor. My favorite thing to decorate? My Fall porch. Why? Because I get to experiment with colors, textures, and design elements and–Fall is the BEST season! Case closed. Are you ready for Autumn to descend upon your home? Then check out my tips for How to Style a Fall Themed Porch.

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Work with a Clean Slate

Before you start doing any shopping or decorating, it is time to size up your porch situation. Some people have a grand staircase while others have a simple stoop. No matter what, adding pumpkins, mums, and lanterns will undoubtedly make your Fall Themed Porch beautiful! Take everything off your porch and give it a full cleaning before sizing up your space and determining how many items you can incorporate into your design.

Focus on One Holiday at a Time

One of the reasons why I love Fall so much is because it is a combination of two of my favorite holidays—Halloween and Thanksgiving. But if you try to combine the two (for example, a turkey hanging out with a skeleton) your porch will look haphazard and not have the overall effect you are looking for.

Instead, focus on one holiday at a time when creating your Fall themed porch. For example, start with a Harvest theme for all of September, when plants are naturally turning vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red. Scarecrows and hay bales are a great addition, as are faux pumpkins since it is a bit early in the season to invest in real pumpkins (and the squirrels won’t eat them!).

I typically start decorating for Halloween the first week of October, mainly because my kids are so anxious to put up our GIANT spider web and because we host a yearly pumpkin carving party that is the talk of our neighborhood. The earlier I can get my spooky décor up, the more time I can spend working on recipes like my caramel apple bar and spiked apple cider.

Once Halloween is over, I take away the bats and their creepy, crawly friends and bring back some of the decorations I used in September for my Thanksgiving decor. Mix in a few turkeys and pilgrims and some evergreen accents (you won’t catch me putting up my Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving!) and you are all done.

Determine Your Style

Just like when you are decorating your home, keep your own personal style at home. If you are more traditional and love glossy magazines like “Southern Living,” incorporate rustic décor like this. When you are out apple picking or at the pumpkin patch, keep your eyes peeled for antiques that add extra personality and warmth to your Fall themed porch.

Prefer more modern style? Then look for ways to add a little pumpkin pop by using different colors and textures when designing your Fall themed porch. I mean, white pumpkins were basically MADE for those with a more modern Fall decorating style and teal pumpkins not only keep all kids included in trick-or-treating but also provide a beautiful blue shade to your Fall montage.

And for those of you looking for a more simplistic approach (you don’t want your mail carrier to trip, after all), don’t underestimate the power of beautiful lanterns paired with fresh mums. It’s a simple yet classic way to get into the festive Fall spirit.

Create a Focal Point

After you have a clean slate, it is time to decide what you want your focal point to be. Since I have a few different steps that can tend to feel a little crowded, I use two large planters at the bottom of the steps as my focal point (those HUGE mums are from Costco—the best deal around!). Have a bright painted door? Use a show-stopping wreath to make your door really POP.

Integrate Accents

Once you have your focal points set up, fill in your Fall themed porch with accents. I love using a mix of organic and inorganic items so that my steps aren’t slowly disintegrating as the Fall progresses. Some fun options are to include lanterns filled with pumpkins or lights, “ugly” pumpkins that truly are beautiful, as well as cabbage and other dark leafy plants to go alongside the always popular mum. Just be sure that you are using items recommended for outdoor or covered patio use.

Looking for a way to keep the pesky squirrels away from your pumpkins? Sprinkle them with cayenne pepper and then spray the entire pumpkin in hair spray. It works like a charm, as long as you reapply the treatment every other day (more so if it rains). 

Have FUN

One of the best things about home décor is that you can always spice (can you tell I have Pumpkin Spice on the brain?) things up. Move things around, get creative, try something you have never done before. There are so many great Fall themed decorations available so the sky is the limit!

Don’t forget to check out my tips on Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall, as well as my Fall Bucket List.

Happy Decorating!


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