How To Make an Easy Fall Garland

You know how everyone has one of those moments when he or she feels like the worst parent ever? Well, that happened to me last year. Being the neat freak that I am (I know, I know, I have issues), I hate clutter and tend to throw out or recycle things about a minute after they have entered our house. The problem? My son would bring about three art projects home from school each week. I was drowning in a sea of glitter and construction paper. Seriously. So when there was a project that honestly wasn’t very cute or creative (sorry but it is the truth), it made its way into the recycling bin. And my strategy was working well until one day he recycled a granola bar wrapper (that’s what I get for teaching him to clean up after himself, huh?) and saw some of his artwork in the recycling bin.  Oops.


There were tears (from both of us) and I vowed to not throw away any more of his artwork. Mom guilt at its finest, don’t you agree? I have had to get very creative with all of mounting creations and came up with such a simple and easy solution that I’m shocked it took me five years to think it up. What is the magic answer? Attaching them all to a string to put on display. Even better? I group the artwork together to match themes, especially holidays, and this year our banister is rocking a fun Fall themed garland. Here’s how to make an easy Fall garland that will undoubtedly delight everyone in the family:


  • Take a look at all of the different art projects floating around your house. After you break down the mountains of pipe cleaners and glue, start trying to group together the artwork. For example, you can group things based on color, size, holiday, etc.
  • Find a long piece of pretty twine and wrap it around your banister or railing. Once it is securely in place, start adding your little one’s creations to the string. Be sure to mix up the display so there aren’t all Halloween decorations on one end and Thanksgiving ones on the other–variety is the spice of life, after all!
  • And….that’s it. Seriously. You’re done. The clutter in your office/playroom/bedroom is now gone. And once Fall is over, simply pack up the Fall garland until next year so you can add to it as the years go on. Easy peasy, and perfect for clean and organized moms and dads like me.

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Happy Decorating!
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  1. Krystal says

    Such a great way to display my sons crafts. He has already started to bring some home this fall. Love the garland and I have a perfect place picked out to hang them .

  2. NYC Single Mom says

    How adorable is this garland and perfect for the holidays. This is a great and easy project for kids and they get a hand in decorating the house.

  3. Lynndee says

    That’s a brilliant idea! As a mom, I believe there’s nothing prettier than our kid’s artwork! And that’s the perfect way to display ’em! Good job, mommy!

  4. Maggie says

    What a great idea! Did you just attach the artwork to the twine with tape, or did you use something else? Thanks!

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