How to Create a Donut Wall

“If it didn’t make it onto Instagram, did it really happen?” Yes, that is a joke that my husband asked me as we started cleaning up after a massive party for family and friends a few years ago. I was too busy cooking, cleaning up, and making sure all of my guests were happy that I didn’t take the time to sit back and admire all of my hard work. Much to my chagrin, I didn’t even have a photo to remember our party. Well, this year when we threw our annual party, I knew that had to change. So with my beloved Instagram feed in mind, I thought of a beautiful shortcut that will help ANYONE with ANY kind of party. What is this craziness that I’m talking about? A donut wall. They are oh so fun to create an easy way to entertain, and of course, Instagram worthy.

First things first…you need a way to display your donuts on a wall! Let me be clear…I’m not advocating putting hundreds of nails in your walls just for one simple party. Instead, I encourage you to shop your house for quirky frames and other artwork that you can place sticks or clothespins into so that they can “hold” the donuts onto the wall.


For me, this farmhouse style bulletin board leftover from my sister’s wedding fit the bill perfectly. But if you don’t have anything to use, simply head to your local hardware store and get a peg board and round sticks that fit into the peg board holes. You can DIY your own donut wall for under $20.


Now that you have your backdrop, you need to map out how far apart to arrange your donuts. Get 2-3 donut samples to work with so you know that you have ample spacing on your donut wall. You also want to start thinking about what type of pattern, if any, you want to use to display your donuts. For example, a Fall themed party might alternate apple cider donuts and cinnamon sugar pumpkin donuts. Since I was rushed for time when making my donut wall (only ten minutes before guests arrived—eek!), I simply placed the donuts wherever I could fit them. But for our next party I will have a grand plan, I assure you of that! Calculate how many donuts you need to fill up the wall once, and then prepare for replenishments as well.

Once you have figured out what you want your donut wall to consist of, you need to find a perfect place for it. Keep it high enough to stay clear of salivating dogs and grabby toddlers and I also recommend that you have a table or hard surface below the wall to catch stray crumbs and also display extra donuts, such as munchkins and mini donuts.


Lastly, spice up your donut wall by adding themed decorations. I am totally and utterly obsessed with the stunning creations by Luft Balloons and created this garland using three different sets of their mini balloons.

Need some suggestions on where to get swoon worthy donuts? You can buy delicious treats in mass quantities from Costco and Sam’s Club, but I prefer to support my local donut shop. Our favorites include Stan’s Donuts and Firecakes Donuts in the city, as well as Joe Donut and Spunky Dunkers in the burbs.

Looking for other party planning tips? Here are my tried and true tips.

Can’t wait to see your donut wall on Instagram!
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  1. Jeanette says

    That’s sounds like it would be a lot of fun to do for a Thanksgiving fun predictable schedule decoration. I know the kiddos would like it and I’m pretty sure my husband will love it.

  2. Stephanie Parrell says

    Wehn I read this title I have to admit I was like “what in the hell?” Then I read the post and looked at the beautiful photos and wondered “why have I not seen this before?”

    Such a cool idea for a baby shower or party of some kind.

  3. Joely Smith says

    That is a cute idea! And yes, totally Instagram worthy! We made a doughnut cake once for someone’s birthday lol. I too often forget to take photos of the fun things we do simply because I am too busy organizing them!

  4. Ruth I. says

    I think this will be a wonderful idea to spice things up for holidays by adding more sweets. Kids would definitely love how this looks like and tastes like. I so love the idea.

  5. Victoria Heckstall says

    What a brilliant idea. I really love that wall donut. You are so creative and talented. Perfect idea for a Thanksgiving.

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