How to Create a Luxurious Picnic

If this global pandemic has taught us anything, it is to slow down and celebrate the simple things that make life wonderful. Honestly that has been pretty hard to do with the stress of everything going on in the world (the uncertainty of school and work situations definitely keeps me up at night) but I have found one way to achieve it—with a picnic! There’s just something about unplugging, being outside in nature, and enjoying delicious food with people I love the most that helps me recharge and see the good in life. Here are my tips on How to Create a Luxurious Picnic with minimal effort:

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Set the scene

Whether you have a picnic at one of these beautiful spots or in your own backyard, setting a cozy scene is EVERYTHING. Throw down a large, comfortable blanket, top with a picnic essential—the Crate and Barrel “table in a bag”, and place stylish and cozy pillows around so create a comfortable and intimate seating arrangement.

Depending on the time of day, you might also want to add a little ambiance to your picnic scene with outdoor string lights or tea lights. Don’t forget the fresh flowers, preferably snipped from your garden!

Shoot for quality over quantity

When creating a luxurious picnic, you don’t want to drag your entire fridge and pantry around your picnic basket. So focus on quality over quantity by sticking to food that elevates your picnic past the typical PB&J level. Kretschmar Deli is one of my favorite brands for delicious meats and cheeses that are picnic perfection.

Whether you select one of their snacking items from the “Grab and Go” section at your local grocery store like their Pepperoni and Cheddar platter or one of their many deli meat items like Pan Roasted Turkey Breast or Off-The-Bone Smoked Ham, you can’t go wrong. I mean, look at the recipes you can try!

Some of my favorite ways to feature Kretschmar Deli items:

  • Antipasti Skewers–Alternate cheese tortellini, cherry tomatoes, and pepperoni on a skewer
  • Ham Wrapped Asparagus–Wrap a slice of Honey Roasted Ham around thin slices of asparagus (three per bundle gives a nice crunch)
  • Roast Beef Pretzel Rolls–Top a pretzel roll with Roast Beef, roasted red peppers, and garlic aioli
  • Turkey and Cheese Baguettes–Slice a baguette in half and fill with Roasted Turkey Breast, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Mustard, and Mayonnaise

It’s in the details

When you pay attention to small details like the types of napkins you use, the drinks you serve, and the way you present your food, it makes your picnic that much more special. A few simple ways that you can elevate your picnic to the next level:

*Wrap sandwiches in wax paper and tie them with a string

*Add a little something extra to your water—whether it is a sprig of herbs, slice of lemon, or an herbed ice cube.

*Use glam cutlery instead of simple disposable options, including plastic wine goblets—even if you are just drinking water.

*Cover your table with a table cloth and use cloth napkins (check out this cute matching set with basket and accessories)

*Pack a speaker to listen to music while you enjoy your picnic.

*Snip some fresh flowers to add to a simple bud vase on your picnic table.

Do you already have ideas of how to make your own luxurious picnic come to life? Then be sure to enter my Kretschmar Meats giveaway over on Instagram. I’m so excited to share that Kretschmar will be gifting their premium meats and cheeses and some special swag to one of you, so you can have a #TasteTheLife experience of your own. Head to my Instagram post to learn how to enter!

For more entertaining ideas, including how to create an epic charcuterie board or how to host a socially distanced party, check out this page.

Bon Appetite!


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  1. Krissy says

    Oh I love this!! I am saving this post. My husband and I have been coming up with creative date ideas since everything is closed. This would be so fun.

  2. Carissa says

    This looks amazing! We’ve been wanting to have a picnic this summer, defintely taking some of these tips with me when I start planning!

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