How to Create a Family Vision Board

The ball dropped in Times Square, my kids are FINALLY back to school (thank you, teachers) and we are finally getting back into the groove of our daily routine. But before we settled in TOO comfortably, my family and I got together to do a little arts and crafts projects together. And while I might not be anywhere close to a “Pinterest Perfect” mom, I’m pretty darn proud of what we came up with: A Family Vision Board. Not only was it a fun and creative activity for us to bond over, but it is also setting our intentions as a family as we venture into the near year. Interested in making your own? Then read these easy steps on How to Create a Family Vision Board:

How to Create a Family Vision Board - Collage

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Gather Your Supplies

As most of you probably already know, I had a ten year teaching career that I left when I had my babies so whenever I have an opportunity to bust out school supplies I get SO excited. Use whatever you have on hand as a board (cardboard you were planning on recycling, cardstock or construction paper from your kids’ art cabinet or simply a piece of white computer paper) and search your home for magazines.

I am an avid reader and have tons (maybe too many?) of magazine subscriptions that come to our house every month, but if you don’t have much print material to choose from, ask around to friends and families for newspaper or magazine donations or simply use images from the Internet. Don’t forget to check your child’s backpack for National Geographic Kids from school, either!

Lastly, grab some scissors (kid and adult friendly so everyone can get in on the action) as well as a glue stick and paper bag to toss all of your empty scraps in (before you put everything in the recycling bin, of course).

How to Create a Family Vision Board - Materials

Talk About Your Ideas

My boys are school-aged so they have a better understanding of “goals” and “ideas” than younger kids may have, so I like to explain creating a Family Vision Board as pictures of things, places, activities, and feelings that our family wants to share together.

If you have put together a seasonal bucket list together (here are my family’s summer and fall bucket lists for added inspiration!) in the past it is a great building block for the Family Vision Board activity. Be sure to explain to your kiddos that instead of short seasons, your Family Vision Board encompasses the ENTIRE year, so challenge them to think about both sunny and snowy fun!

Create a Varied Collage

Now that you have brainstormed some ideas together, it’s time to get to work! Before we started our board, we agreed as a family that we needed to be calmer (that means Mama needs to get to bed earlier and our youngest REALLY needs to work on being a better sport when losing a game) and that we wanted to go on more adventures. So as we perused magazines, we focused on those ideas but were also open to different images we came across on our search.

How to Create a Family Vision Board - Process

Your Family Vision Board will not only be more visually appealing, but will also be easier to create if you use a few words instead of just pictures on your board. Our guide words of “Calm” and “Explore” from our initial brainstorming session took the lead and anchored our Family Vision Board, while images of other activities and goals filled up our collage.

Keep in mind that it might be hard to track down the exact image that fulfills the vibe and focus that you want your family to focus on together in the new year, so feel free to use photos from the Internet as a shortcut, or draw your own addition. Do whatever feels best for your family’s intentions.

How to Create a Family Vision Board

Display Your Family Vision Board

While putting together your board might have been a project that only took up an hour or two, that doesn’t mean that it should be forgotten once the glue dries. Instead, use it as a guide for discussions over family dinners or when you are planning out weekend activities or brainstorming your next family adventure. It especially helps when you put your Family Vision Board on display where you will all see it so it is a constant reminder of what your family is working towards throughout the entire year (the fridge is a great option!).

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Happy Creating and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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  1. Nicole Claesen says

    This is such a great idea & a perfect family activity for the New Year! It’s also a great way to see what your kids are thinking about and their own goals you may not have known about.

    • Amanda says

      This year was the first one that we did a family board and it is doing a great job keeping our family focused on some fun goals for this year!

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