How Le Tote Makes Me a Fashionable Mom

If you are like me, you tend to spend more time and money on your kids’ clothes as opposed to your own. But here’s the thing….you deserve to look absolutely adorable too! Don’t have a huge clothing budget? Then let me tell you about my budget friendly fashion secret: Le Tote. It is my favorite way to look fashionable and still have enough money in my wallet for a girls’ night out and still dress my boys to the nines. Here’s how Le Tote makes me a fashionable mom and why the subscription service is tres magnifique:

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Le Tote An Inside Look -

  1. Shop online (add outfits and accessories you like to your online closet), wear everything for as little or long as you want, keep anything you really love and want to purchase, and exchange your old tote for a new one. So simple and easy, even the most sleep deprived mama can do it.
  2. You never have to wear the same thing twice….seriously. But the three outfits and two accessories that you receive in each tote are so adorable (I mean, you pick them yourself!) that you will want to wear them once or twice before sending them back.
  3. Shop from the comfort of your home and learn fashion tips and tricks like how to layer necklaces, how to integrate Pantone colors into your wardrobe, spring trends and new arrivals…the list goes on and on.
  4. Your closet expands its limitless potential at the low price of only $59/month. And even better? You aren’t restricted to only one tote per month. Once you are done wearing the outfits that are sent to you, place them in the shipping bag and wait for your next tote to arrive. Easy peasy.
  5. Cross laundry duty off your list. Really. Le Tote takes care of all of the laundering so you don’t have to lift a finger except for dropping your return tote in the mail (and Le Tote covers postage, too!).
  6. Are you pregnant and really don’t want to invest in maternity clothes (especially if this is your last pregnancy)? Le Tote has tons of comfortable and stylish outfits for both work and home.
  7. Looking for a great gift but you don’t know which dress, shirt, or purse to pick? Then give a lady in your life a Le Tote gift subscription (classic and maternity collections available).
  8. Oh, and if you are Spring cleaning, Le Tote will help you feel better about minimizing your clothing staples since there will always be a new outfit waiting for you on your doorstep. Take that, Konmari!

Here is what my most recent tote included:

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere grey sweater
  • Cupcakes and Cashmere tank top
  • Chevron Danielle Nicole clutch
  • Gold and maroon bangle
  • Floral Vince Camuto dress

  Le Tote Dress and Bracelet -


Needless to say, I was totally ready for a bachelorette Party, play dates, and a wedding this month. But since I am by no means a fashion blogger, my posing most definitely has room for improvement. Can’t wait to see what my next tote brings and how Le Tote will help me fool people into thinking that I’m a fashionable mom.


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Happy Shopping!
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  1. Paula Schuck says

    Le Tote is a beautiful line! I love the bag and the dress. You may not be a fashion blogger, but I love your pictures. They’re very natural. I’ve never been a fan of posed pictures, and pet pics are always a winner! You should do a lot more posts like these!

    • Amanda says

      My dog will be very pleased to know that you loved her photo bombing. She loves to be in on the action every chance she gets. 🙂

  2. Jasmine Eclipse says

    This is such an awesome post! Cross-body bags are my favorite things because like you said, they do keep my hands free! I used to be into those huge shoulder bags, but they weren’t practical and they always ended up weighing a ton because I threw everything in there, but now that I use a cross body, my life is SO much easier!

  3. Katie says

    Cute stuff! I have always hesitated on subscription clothing boxes because I have a short waist and very long hip, so stuff tends to fit weirdly. However, it seems to work great for you! Very nice!

    • Amanda says

      I struggle with clothes because I am so petite, but you can pick out clothes from tons of options so it is really easy to find something that works for your body shape.

  4. Trish Delgado says

    That black dress is gorgeous, I really love the concept of Le Tote. I wonder if it is available to people in the states. It is something I would definitely be interested in trying out. You had me at no need to wash it.

  5. Cat Davis | Mom by the Beach Blog says

    I’m so guilty of not spending any money on clothes for myself because it makes me feel guilty. My entire wardrobe can fit on a dozen hangers and one dresser drawer. I really need to look into clothes like these and treat myself a bit. Everything is so pretty!

    • Amanda says

      The great part is that you can rent as much as you want so it won’t fill up your closet, either! Just send it back after wearing it–no laundering needed!

  6. Bites for Babies says

    Wait! A Vince Camuto dress in an online subscription box? Seriously?! I am definitely going to check Le Tote out..these clothes and accessories are stunning! And if everything else is the same quality as Vince Camuto then you know it’s good stuff!

  7. Gwendolyn Mulholland says

    Le Tote is new to me but the clothes you received are absolutely beautiful. I am going to be checking them out because I love getting new clothes. I am in love with the bag that you received and it is so perfect for Spring.

    • Amanda says

      I got it just in time for a bachelorette party—I will have to send it back for a great new bag for an upcoming wedding!

  8. Cassie says

    Le Tote sounds like an amazing subscription service! I know plenty of people that would love access to an unlimited closet of cute clothing. I could totally see getting this as a gift for my more fashion conscious friends and family members.

    • Amanda says

      It is also perfect for people who never know what to wear…they have tons of great suggestions if you are fashion challenged.

  9. tiaras and tantrums says

    I have never heard of this! Everyone is all about these clothing subscriptions in a box but I never see anyone actually purchasing wheat they are sent. I guess this is the best of it – try it, wear and and then send it back. It’s like renting clothes??

    • Amanda says

      Exactly. I prefer it to Stitch Fix because there is no commitment….and you get unlimited outfits each month!

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