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Busy mom of two adorable little boys, Macaire Douglas owns the trendy kids’ online boutique Half Pint Shop.   It is virtually impossible to find a better collection of stylish and great quality clothing all in one place that offers GREAT deals, and Macaire graciously took some time out of her busy schedule to share her thoughts on being a successful small business owner and mom all at the same time.


Macaire’s small business journey started when her first son was one year old and she decided to branch out from being a stay at home mom to doing something for herself as well (something I completely understand, hence my blog!).  Initially Macaire started selling her son’s clothing and also finds from local consignment shops on Instagram.  Using Instagram and other social media tools, she came across amazing and unique brands of kids clothing which encouraged her to open Half Pint Shop a year later.  Using her background in marketing and social media, her business is growing and she is building connections with other moms to keep things fresh and thriving.  I absolutely love that when you make a purchase from Half Pint Shop, you are supporting not just one mom/small business owner but many moms since many of the talented clothing designers are also parents.

A great tip for moms considering starting their own business is to set clear goals.  One of Macaire’s goals was to collaborate with great clothing brands.  So when planning Half Pint Shop, she made a huge list of her favorite brands.  She now carries most of the designers that were on her list, and they are FABULOUS.  I swear, each outfit I come across on her website is cuter than the next, which makes narrowing down your purchase a little tricky–thank goodness for the great sales Half Pint Shop is currently offering!


Now that her family is growing, juggling a balance between being a small business owner and a mom is even more challenging.  But Macaire is diligent about making sure her kids’ needs are met before she answers any pressing e-mails.  Thankfully her sons and their temperments complement her workload, with her son Eyan being a homebody who gets engrossed in his train sets so Mommy can accomplish some work, and her newborn son Jude is a suprisingly easy baby who is happy to watch his big brother play (just like my little guys).  The boys also love going on “work trips” to the post office, and her husband is a huge help with the financials and e-commerce side of Half Pint Shop.  Clearly the whole family is on the same page and working together to make a successful business and having fun while doing it.

The biggest piece of advice Macaire thinks future mom-entrepreneurs should know is that it is essential to be realistic about time.  As she says, “It’s going to be a lot of late nights and weekends on top of already sleepless nights and busy days.  It can be exhausing!  But oh so worth it.”  I couldn’t agree more with this statement as a mom who stays at home with two active little boys, tutors in the evenings, and is building a blog.  With a clear plan and schedule in place, as well as a hefty dose of caffeine, anything is possible.  So dream those big dreams and make it happen.  Yes, you will make mistakes while building your business, but it will lead to a stronger business.


For 2015, Macaire is continuing to grow her business and as a result has her sights set on upgrading her inventory space.  She is also planning on expanding her nursery and toys line and will be attending some trade shows to discover more creative brands.  On the home front, the constant goal is to have two happy little boys.  Eyan will be starting school and Jude will be getting to a more mobile stage soon, so obviously Mommy will have to roll with the changes and keep curious hands away from the computer (my biggest struggle right now).

If you are looking for a great gift or something truly unique, you should definitely check out Half Pint Shop.  I absolutely adore everything featured there, and Macaire has highlighted some extra special things here.

To visit Half Pint Shop click here.

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Remember to shop small, shop local, and support your fellow moms!

Happy Shopping!
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  1. triciathegoodmama says

    What adorable clothes! I would love to get some for my son and niece. It’s just a bonus that it’s a mom who owns the company. I love supported fellow moms and small businesses. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Prosper Show says

    Everyone will definitely love a mom who will do everything to her family. Pursuing their passion made them more endearing . They can able to surpass the challenges that a business can experience.

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