Great Activity Books for Quarantined Families

By now I have had a ton of people ask me where I come up with all of my Camp Covid activities. Some come from my decade-long teaching career, but others come from my favorite things in the world: BOOKS! As much as I love scouring Pinterest for ideas, I would much rather page through a book of crafts and activities organized by theme, age, and all that good stuff. So here is my secret (well, not-so-secret) stash of Great Activity Books for Quarantined Families.

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Smithsonian STEM Lab by Jack Challoner

This STEM focused resource is one of the great activity books for quarantined families because it encourages kids to tinker. Projects are broken up into categories such as “Light and Sound” and “Liquids and Reactions,” with carefully detailed and photo illustrated directions.

Make Your Own Zoo by Tracey Radford

Have lots of cardboard lying around after shopping online? After spraying it with disinfectant to ensure that it isn’t carrying any germs, get crafting thanks to this fun book of 35 easy and fun projects for crafty animal lovers. Whether you want to go on a safari or dive into the deep, blue sea, this handy resource has you covered.

Books That Don’t Bore ‘Em by James Blasingame

This is my favorite book from the years I spent teaching kids how to read. Blasingame helps spark a love and appreciation of literature in kids Grades 5 and up through his curated lists of book recommendations. There is even an entire chapter of interviews with popular authors, which makes it a great read for parents and kids alike.

Backyard Adventure by Amanda Thomsen

Bummed that you are stuck at home with only the backyard as a fresh-air refuge? Don’t be! Amanda Thomsen’s colorful resource guide is one of the Great Activity Books for Quarantined Families because of its 51 unique free-play activities that encourage kids to get messy, get wet, build cool things, and have tons of wild fun. Our personal favorite? The science experiments!

The Lego Ideas Book by Daniel Lipkowitz

Builders, rejoice! This book, as well as other related titles like The Lego Play Book and The Lego Games Book will keep tinkerers busy for hours creating and play with unique brick structures. Just don’t step on any of the Legos. 😉

Well Played by Meredith Sinclair

Finally, this title is just for parents, especially those who honestly have no idea how to integrate more fun at home at this stressful time. Sinclair’s book has helped me to create a home that is more playful through small and easy changes, like placing a bowl of building blocks on our kitchen table instead of flowers. And let me tell you, small changes like this can make a HUGE change in terms of the vibe of your home during quarantine.

Do you have any recommendations of Great Activity Books for Quarantined Families? I would love to hear about them in comments so I can add to my family’s library.

Happy Reading!


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  1. Shayla says

    These look like excellent books! I’ve had a couple of them in my sights for awhile now, especially the lego book. I’m going to look at the ones I don’t have in my cart currently!

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