Free Splash Pads in Chicagoland

Looking for a way to get in the water this summer without having a heart attack worrying about keeping up with your little one?  Then head to a local splash pad.  Splash pads are the perfect combo of playground and water play…and the best part?  So many are free!  Here are my suggestions for the best FREE splash pads in Chicagoland:


31st Street Beach—3100 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago.  Enjoy the sprawling splash pad that is perfect for young and old and then hit the beach for a full day of summer fun.

63rd Street Beach—6300 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago.  There are so many great amenities to choose from, as well as additional sports in addition to the sprayground.

Adams Playground Park–1919 North Seminary Street, Chicago.  There is also an adjoining playground, sandbox and nearby fieldhouse for diaper changes.

Dunbar Park—300 East 31st Street, Chicago.  Check out the adjacent playground and for a day filled with fun.

Fellger Playlot Park—2000 West Belmont Avenue.  Enjoy water and community in this cozy splash pad nestled in a friendly neighborhood spot.

Fosco Park—1312 South Racine Avenue, Chicago.  Splash around in three distinct areas, and head inside to the zero depth entry pool to get totally soaked.

Indian Boundary Park—2500 West Lunt Avenue, Chicago. This nature themed and newly renovated park has a great water area and park for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Maggie Daley Park—337 East Randolph Street, Chicago.  Take your pick of two great splash pads to explore during your visit to the vast park.

Margaret Donahue Park–1230 West School Street, Chicago. A perfect spot for the littlest Cubs fans to splash in the city.

Mary Bartelme Park—115 South Sangamon Street, Chicago.  Beautiful metal structures spray water next to the enclosed dog park so the entire family can have fun.

Millennium Park Crowne Fountain–Michigan and Monroe, Chicago. Enjoy splashing around the interactive water features on a warm day.

Portage Park—4100 North Long Avenue, Chicago.  Take advantage of the play ground, sports areas, pool and splash pad.

Pulaski Park—1419 West Blackhawk Street, Chicago. Choose between a more traditional pool or splash pad in this neighborhood gem.

River Park—5100 North Francisco Street, Chicago.  Enjoy the padded spray ground and adjoining pool with your little ones—and bring an extra set of hands in order to divide and counter.


Elgin—Festival Park, 150 Dexter Court, Elgin.  Enjoy the circular water spray fun from the safe and dry benches situated around the splash pad.

Elk Grove Village—Fountain Square Park, 1751 Gibson Drive, Elk Grove Village.  Be sure to also explore the playground and sandbox near the splash pad.

Elk Grove Village–In front of the public library, 1001 Wellington Avenue, Elk Grove Village. Splash and splash after story time!

Glenview—Little Bear Park, Patriot Boulevard and Chestnut Avenue, Glenview.  Enjoy a vast park, sandbox, hanging benches, garden, story walk and splash pad at this park gem.

Westmont–Ty Warner Park, 700 Blackwood Drive, Westmont. Splash around at the nautical themed splash park that features a soft surface and zero depth entry.

Wheaton–Cantigny Park, 1s151 Winfield Road, Wheaton. While swimsuits are not allowed, children are allowed to run free and splash about in the interactive water fountain.

If you are on the hunt for other great things to do this summer, be sure to check out my Chicagoland Summer Bucket List!

Happy Playing!
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  1. Terry says

    Okay… now I see what a splash pad is. I have never seen one in our city, but we live in such a small area. I need to check and see if they have a splash pad anywhere near my Grandkids.

  2. MJ says

    This is a great list of free splash pads for your area. I’m not in Chicago but I have friends there so I will share this with them. I have a list of splash pads to check out in our area but the heat has been crazy so I am waiting until it cools of a little or I will go with the toddler and leave my newborn home.

  3. tammileetips says

    I wish that splash pads were around when I was younger. They look like so much fun to play at and a great way to cool off when it’s so hot outside. This is a great list of splash pads in your area.

  4. Jeanine says

    What a great list! We have a few free splash pads in our area but we don’t really go to them. They are super crowded all the time so we tend to hit the small wading pool close to our house. I think my kids would love going to splash pads more though, we need to find a hidden gem in our area I think!

  5. Nancy says

    California is in a several-year-drought right now. So I don’t think there would be any free splash pads around here, unfortunately. Spose we gotta whip out the old school plastic $5 swimming pools for the kiddos to cool off this summer!

  6. Dia says

    What a great and free activity for the kids to do for the summer. Thank you so much for listing the areas, I will have to pass this information on to my friends and family.

  7. Ourfamilyworld says

    Splash pads look so fun! There isn’t one in our area, but I would really love my kids to try this. Hopefully, on our trip next week, we’ll find one. They love the water so much and I’m sure they will love it.

  8. Tami says

    Our town is “working” on building a splash pad. We discovered a splash pad in our neighboring town awhile back. We take our little guy to it once a week after his speech therapy appointments. He needs a little fun in the sun after his speech work.

  9. Lauren Harmon says

    Splash pads are so much fun and you have SO many in your area! Whenever I was a nanny I used to love to take the boys I watched to play at the Splash pads, we only had two in our area at the time but they were AWESOME! If I’m ever in your area, I’ll definitely check these out with my nieces & nephews in tow!

  10. Krystal says

    While I am not in your area, I could see the benefit of a FREE splash pad. We are always running out of places to take our son, and it is WAY too hot for most outdoor activities. I need to find places to cool off along with a low cost.

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