Four Ways to Keep Kids Safe this Summer

While summer is a time for us to be a bit more carefree, staying up late and sometimes having ice cream for dinner, it is also a time to be vigilant about child safety. Pools can be very dangerous and the littlest ones are susceptible to heat stroke and exhaustion dealing with the heat and humidity that summer can bring (I’m sure you agree with me on this one, fellow Midwesterners). Since we are like many other families that like to spend their summers out and about on adventures, I’m sharing four ways to keep kids safe this summer.

Four Ways to Keep Kids Safe This Summer -

1.  First off, having ample sunscreen and bug spray is a must for anyone this summer, especially kids. But with all of the chemicals and toxins that typical sunscreen and repellents may have, it is always important to check the labels to ensure that you are picking a safe product for your family. My friend Jenny, owner of the premier green beauty salon in Chicago, Noktivo, did all of the research for me and picked out the best green summer beauty products for families, which you can find here.

2.  It is extremely important for everyone to stay hydrated during the summer, whether hanging out indoors or outdoors. Not a fan of drinking water? Then spice it up a bit! My favorite thing to do is to add herbed ice cubes to my water. Not only is it fun to grow my own herbs in the garden with my boys, but it is also a tasty way to ensure that I am staying healthy and hydrated during the dog days of summer.

3. Everyone loves splashing around in the water during the summer (and moms, feel free to rock those bikinis when you are at the beach, pool, or your own backyard!), but in all honesty it can be very dangerous. I can’t stress enough how important it is to expose your child to water in a safe way through swim lessons. Don’t know where to start when selecting swim lessons for your child? I have found that the water temperature makes a big difference for both child and parent (I mean, NO ONE wants to swim in frigid water) and that a well accredited swim school can make all the difference. Here are some more tips for picking out the perfect swim school for your family.

4. Lastly, most places our family will explore this summer are popular and tend to be packed. Carnivals, fests, the local pool…there are crowds EVERYWHERE. And if your child has a tendency to stray, the crowds can cause anxiety for parents (I know I’m not the only one). So before we head off on an adventure, we go through these steps:

  • Take a photo of your child that day. That way his or her outfit is documented just in case he or she goes missing…and who can resist being a momarazzi? I know I can’t.
  • Remind your kids that if they get lost, to look for “helpers.” We constantly use the term “helpers” to describe police, firefighters, and paramedics so that my kids know to go to them when they need help. If there aren’t any around, I advise my kids to look for another mommy who has kids with her. Chances are that mom will do anything in her power to help connect a lost child to his or her parent. I mean, wouldn’t you do the same?
  • Have a meeting spot. Choose a focal point that is easy to see from high up and low (I mean, your kids aren’t that tall, after all). If for some reason you get separated, that is the place you will meet.


Now that you have reviewed some ways to keep your entire family safe this summer, don’t forget to check out my top ways to have fun this summer…from free splash pads to where to get the absolute BEST ice cream in all of Chicagoland.


Happy Summer!
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  1. Melissa Dixon says

    I really like the tips about taking a photo of your child each day, I do that everyday before sending my daughter to school. I thought I was the only one, such a great tip plus as a bonus you get to have a really cool set of photos that show your child growing.

    • Amanda says

      It would be cool to take the photo in the same place and then put them all into an album to track changes.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Thank you for these tips. When my kids were little I had them memorize our home phone number and address. I like that tip of taking a picture of your kids. If anything untoward would happen, it would be best to have a copy of their most recent picture.

  3. Kathy says

    These are all definitely something you should do. Sunscreen and staying hydrated is a must for my family. We always make sure to have both on hand.

  4. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Taking a photo of the children that day is a great tip. My kids used to love going to the beach. Sunscreen is so important.

  5. Rebecca Swenor says

    These are great tips for parents to keep their children safe this summer. Drownings are something that every parent dreads with their children. Swimming classes are a great way to prevent children from a terrible accident in the water. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    • Amanda says

      We are heading to swim lessons again after taking a few months off…water safety is so important to our family and I’m so grateful we found a swim school we love!

  6. kendall says

    These are such great tips – taking a photo each day is so smart! Great post and so important to spread awareness about this.

  7. Lori Felix says

    I love your tip of having the child find another mommy if they can’t find a “helper”. We always came up with a designated meeting place too just in case we got separated.

  8. Lisa Bronson says

    I really like the idea of taking a photo of the kids for the day to make sure you have something if they go missing. I never thought of that before, though I do generally take at least 1 photo of the kids every day anyway, doing it mindfully and with purpose is a great idea!

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