Flytographer–My Favorite Travel Hack

I’m photo obsessed. There, I said it. I absolutely LOVE taking photos and not just to share them on social media. They are for ME. Because as most moms know, we are the keeper of ALL THE THINGS, from field trip forms to schedules to our family’s memories. You see, I snap a ton of photos so I can remember how we spent our big and not so big days.

Speaking of big days, when we spend a ton of time and money planning a vacation my photo obsession goes into hyper drive. I mean, if I manage to get everyone in coordinating outfits and smiling while in front of a palm tree I want a photo, darn it! So instead of relying on tourists, I discovered my new favorite travel hack: Flytographer.

What is Flytographer?

Flytographer is a company that connects travelers with local photographers to ensure a gorgeous, fun, and affordable photo shoot. Flytographer hand picks local photographers with different and unique styles so that you can find the photography style that works best for you and your family.

Available globally, there are over 275 Flytographer destinations available so chances are great that you can book an amazing photographer through Flytographer to document your trip.

Why Flytographer?

The most basic Flytographer photo shoot is 60 minutes long, provides 30 digital images, and costs $350. Compared to Chicago photography prices, that is right on par with what I expect when working with photographers.

But if you aren’t accustomed to spending that much on photos, let me tell you that the photos you will receive will be timeless, priceless, and make the rest of your trip so much more fun because you aren’t worried about taking great photos. Also, if you use my link, you can get $25 off your first photo shoot

We had our first Flytographer photo shoot last week when we traveled to Maui for our 10thwedding anniversary and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the results (I mean—look at these photos!).  

I really wanted to hire a professional photographer not just because I love photos, but because I absolutely HATE asking fellow travelers or others to take our photo. When we do, we typically end up with awkward photos that are blurry, have a massive garbage can in it, and are just plain blah. Yes, I know I can take my own photos (and I did—trust me!) but I actually want to be IN the photos, too, not just play my typical role of photographer.

Since we booked our Flytographer photo shoot for our first full day of vacation, we weren’t too sunburned yet and we could enjoy the rest of our trip without worrying that we didn’t get a great photo of both of us to mark our 10thwedding anniversary. I mean, we actually RAN OUT OF TIME to take a photo of ourselves at our anniversary dinner and snapped a quick photo in an alley. Honestly that would have ruined the day for me, the keeper of memories, if I didn’t know that I had 30 amazing photos waiting for me at the end of our trip.

We chose to work with Marie in Maui and I am absolutely THRILLED that we did. She found such a great location for us to shoot at, gave us awesome directions (like, just ignore the people on the nude beach and look into each other’s eyes), and even took us to a secluded black sand beach for sunset photos.

Marie was so helpful in teaching me all about head leis, as well as giving us tips on where to eat and what beaches to explore during the rest of our trip. She was even so dedicated that she snapped away while I hysterically ran down the beach because a crab climbed up my leg!

The Flytographer Process

We booked our Flytographer photo shoot about 2 weeks ahead of time, but I recommend booking even earlier than that to ensure the date and photographer that you want (summer isn’t high season in Hawaii, thank goodness).

The process was so incredibly simple. All you do is search your location, check out the portfolios of the location photographers, enter your preferred date and time and the Flytographer concierge takes it from there! I especially love that the Flytographer site lists different photo shoot location options, so you can choose the one that fits your vision the best (for me, I wanted lots of rocks alongside the ocean in our photos and we found the PERFECT beach). It is daunting (and expensive) to try to find local photographers on your own, so I’m extremely relieved that someone told me about Flytographer.

From now on, I am certain to book a Flytographer photo shoot for our vacations so I can have amazing photos and not have to stress about snapping pictures myself. And trust me, when Mama isn’t stressed out, we ALL have a better vacation. 

To book your Flytographer shoot and receive $25 off your photo shoot, click here.

Bon Voyage!


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  1. Janell says

    What a great way to celebrate your 10th wedding Anniversary and solve a complicated photography issue with a simple solution. I hadn’t heard of Flytographer before but will surely look into for our next vacation . . . thanks!

    • Amanda says

      I didn’t know of it before this trip, either, but now I will check out all of the Flytographer options whenever we take a trip!

  2. Erin says

    I haven’t used Flytographer yet, but I’ve been wanting to try it. I think there are a lot of ways to justify the cost of a vacation photo shoot, such as save-the-date cards for engage couples or holiday cards for families. Most importantly, memories stay alive longer when you have a visual reference, and that is priceless. Also, your photos are gorgeous and serious #relationshipgoals!

    • Amanda says

      Don’t think of us as #relationshipgoals too much…my hubby was complaining that my flower lei was poking him in the eye the entire session! Ha!

  3. Nicole Flower says

    Omg, this is the coolest and I am the same way mama haha! I pinned this for later and I definitely want to give this a try! Thanks for sharing and your pics turned out so lovely!

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