Where to Find Unique & Meaningful Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is officially here! I remember when I was in my twenties we would go to weddings just about every weekend, with bachelorette/bachelor parties and bridal showers sprinkled in between. Now that we are getting older (yikes!), we have fewer weddings to attend since all of our friends are now focusing on building homes and families. But don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that we are lame wedding guests. Now we treasure our nights out sans kids and always make sure to get wonderful wedding gifts for the special couple. After all these years we have realized that the gifts we give should be as unique and special as the couple we are celebrating, which is why we love to gift unique and meaningful items from UncommonGoods.

This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods. All opinions are my own.


Haven’t heard of Uncommon Goods before? Well, let me let you in on my favorite place for unique and meaningful gifts. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, UncommonGoods is a privately-owned retailer that endeavors to feature unique jewelry, designer décor, tabletop items, and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment without harm to animals or people.  Half of the products they sell are hand made by talented designers and artisans, and each piece is as unique as the person you are gifting the items to. Additionally, with each purchase made, UncommonGoods will make a $1 donation to the non-profit of your choice. I mean, what big box store does that? NONE.


The reason why I love UncommonGoods for wedding gifts is because I truly think the gift that you give a couple should be as special and unique as their relationship. That doesn’t mean that I’m picking totally random gifts for the special couple, however, Thankfully UncommonGoods has a gift registry for all of life’s important events.


Attending a wedding and the couple is only registered at typical “big box” retailers or their Uncommon Goods registry is already fulfilled? Have no fear! There are tons of cool, thoughtful, and stunning gifts to be given. Check out some of my absolute favorite unique and meaningful wedding gifts:


Yes, I know, one of the best parts about getting married is all of the loot your family and friends will give you in celebration of your new and exciting life together. But this doormat will hopefully convince would be thieves otherwise.  Shop other quirky and fun mats here.

Missing the sound of wedding bells once all the wedding pomp and circumstance is over? Don’t be! Instead, enjoy that all of the wedding stress is over and relax outside with a glass of wine and a beautiful, handcrafted wind chime. Shop other ways to enhance your growing garden here.

Lastly, be sure that the newlyweds don’t forget to keep the romance alive by gifting this beautiful message of love. Matthew Hoffman is a native Chicagoan and the talented artist behind the popular “You Are Beautiful” movement, so this is a perfect gift for a Chicago loving couple. Shop other home accessories and décor here.

Happy gifting!
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  1. heather says

    I LOVE getting a gift for a wedding that no one else is getting. I like to be different. Uncommon goods has such an amazing selection!

  2. Doria says

    I love giving unique gifts! I don’t have many friends that aren’t married yet, but I’ll have to check out UncommonGoods for Christmas this year!

  3. Claudia Krusch says

    I love to give unique gifts. It is amazing that UncommonGoods makes a $1 donation to the non-profit of your choice. I am definietly going to check them out.

  4. Eloise says

    that wind chime is awesome! I would LOVE to hang one in my yard… great unique gifts! meaningful and practical gifts are always best if you ask me. I’ll have to check this place out ; )

  5. Heather says

    I just discovered uncommingoods, I can’t wait to explore what they have to offer. I’ve seen some really unique items that I’d love to have in my home.

  6. Lisa says

    I love Uncommon Goids. I have found so many unique gifts on there and they just sweetened the deal by donating to a charity of your choice!

  7. Debra J Hawkins says

    I absolutely love Uncommon Goods! That is where we bought all of the gifts for our mom’s on Mother’s Days and they loved them so much!

  8. Neha Saini says

    I don’t have good experience. I ordered an Adam Frank lumpen candle. Pictures and the video were beautiful. In reality, the product threw much smaller shadows and the oil reservoir is not refillable. It says 17 hours of light, but I don’t believe it was lit for more than 10 hours. Then you are forced to buy additional fuel cells. I’m going to try votive candles and see if that works.

    • Amanda says

      What a bummer! I have only had wonderful experiences with the products from Uncommon Goods, fortunately.

  9. sara says

    Uncommon goods is one of my favorite online stores to find great unique gifts! I have a tiny vase I got from them years ago and it always holds a single flower and makes me smile!

  10. Kita Bryant says

    When my friend got married recently, she seriously was sick of all those main stores because they usually were super pricey. These are great options and something she would have loved, I’m sure.

    • Amanda says

      I always loved receiving memorable and unique wedding gifts like these. I always remembered who sent them.

  11. Catvills says

    I love getting stuff from Uncommon Goods. Everything there is so special and unique. I agree, this is a perfect place to shop for a wedding gift.

  12. Terri Beavers says

    I try to put a lot of thought into wedding gifts and these are great ideas. I really love that last windchime and I think my BFF who is getting married will as well.

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