Family Classes at Gratitude Yoga

Are you looking for a fun way to introduce your child to yoga?  Then look no further than the Family Yoga Classes hosted by Gratitude Yoga!


This unique class focuses on the littlest yogis in the room, which is a unique perspective compared to some of the other Mom and Baby yoga classes where the mom or dad is the focus of the yoga instruction.  You may not get a great workout from the class, but your child will not only become more comfortable with yoga movements, but also yoga terminology.


Knowing that kids between the ages of 2 and 5 will respond to the 45 minute session differently, Miss Lisa takes a laid back approach to her instruction.  She guides all participants through different movements, using kid-friendly terms such as “have your toes kiss” that helps young ones have fun while performing the yoga inspired movements.

If kids have the wiggles or giggles, it is encouraged instead of ignored, and Miss Lisa partners up with both moms and parents in order to showcase certain activities.  Her positive nature fills the room and makes everyone feel their best, even if you struggle with something as simple as tree pose.


The activities during the Family Yoga session include individual, partner, and group collaboration, which help children socialize and learn together, as well as encourage parents to get to know one another.

Our favorite part of the class was when the instructor passed out a colorful sheet with all of the different poses we reviewed during the session and we then had the opportunity to practice any and all movements we preferred.  It was so fun to hear the snakes slithering, see the warriors striking a pose, and of course, practicing my favorite—child’s pose.


For only $10 per person and free parking (located in the lot behind Old Town Social), the Family Yoga class at Gratitude Yoga is a great way to bond and unwind, practicing relaxation techniques to use during the following week. Yoga mats, blocks, and straps are provided…simply show up ready for some fun!  Classes are held every Sunday from 3:30-4:15 pm at Gratitude Yoga Chicago.

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Hope to see you on the mat!




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  1. Shirley Wood says

    Although I don’t have a small child, it is good to know that even children can do yoga. I have been seriously considering giving yoga a try lately. I wonder if these type classes are available in my neck of the woods. I will have to check that out.

  2. Brook Devis says

    yoga is such an amazing activity to do. and if you can find this kind of classes where you can go ith your intire family is amazing. i am a yoga lover and i think this kinds of courses are really amazig to join

    • amandasimkin says

      The oldest ones were 6 (I think a pair of twins) and they did a great job. I would say go for it! Oh, and there is free parking at Old Town Social. 🙂

  3. Chubskulit Rose says

    It is so nice to see kids be involve with our fitness. MY two children joins me when I do yoga or pilates. It is important to show our kids that taking care of our health involves being active and eating right.

  4. Tyra says

    I have yet to get into yoga. But this seems like such a great option to get kids involved and have some quality family time. I am sure they were super relaxed afterwards, which is also a benefit for mom LOL

  5. Tammilee Tips says

    I love to do Yoga to relax!!! I love the idea of family yoga as a great work out and family bonding time!! I did not realize that this was offered as a class like this!

    • amandasimkin says

      I’m not sure how relaxing it was with all of the little kids, but it was definitely a fun bonding experience with my little guy.

  6. Myrabev says

    Sounds like such a great idea, I personally love yoga big time and I try to go whenever I can but not been for a while. I am sure this yoga for families will be great for those with families.

    • amandasimkin says

      It is especially great that I can bring BOTH of my boys…most classes it is for just one small age group.

  7. Fi Ní Neachtáin says

    I’ve wanted to try yoga for the longest time but still haven’t gotten around to it! How cool that Gratitude offer family classes, I’d love to do one with my son. It’s great to be active and healthy with your kids.

  8. Nancy says

    This actually makes me super happy to have kids. I love going to yoga classes but had no idea that (certain classes) allow children to attend and do it with you! My favourite type of yoga is yin-yoga, more meditative and deep hip stretches, which is great for runners, and climbers, which is what I do!

  9. Cara (@StylishGeek) says

    I love Yoga. It’s been my go-to healthy exercise for many years. I love that there is now a place where my whole family can go. I do not know if Gratitude Yoga is available in our area, but I will look into a Yoga family center. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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