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Cassandra Hawkinson and her unique fitness business, Active Moms’ Club, is accomplishing something that no other fitness program or gym I have explored has been able to do—empowering moms to feel stronger and healthier than they ever have before. Simply put, Active Moms’ Club consists of small group classes that help promote health and exercise throughout and post pregnancy. But in actuality, it is so much MORE.


What Makes Active Moms’ Club Unique

As most moms know, it can be a little bit intimidating going to a gym after having a baby. Seeing everyone else’s lean bodies and confidence on different machines that we might not have ever used before can lead any of us overtired mamas heading straight for the door. But that’s where Cassandra’s focus on moms comes in.


Active Moms’ Club minimizes the number of moms in each class so that the workout sessions are customized to the needs of the moms in the classes. For example, the From the Core: Postnatal Recovery class has an average of 10 moms in each class, and other Prenatal and Postnatal classes typically have only three moms. Before engaging in any activities, Cassandra talks to you about your fitness history and daily practices so that she can tailor her fitness instruction to meet your needs. It truly is personalized training in a small group setting.

What a Class Entails

I was able to attend a Fit and Fab Small Group Postnatal Training class along with two other moms, and it was one of the best whole body workouts I have experienced post-pregnancy. Since it is more challenging to change a woman’s body compared to a man’s, Cassandra made sure use a multifaceted approach to our exercise program, including some cardio activities via treadmill/elliptical/stair climber, but mainly focusing on functional strength training.


I really enjoyed the fact that each circuit included relatively simple activities so that I could pay attention to improving my posture and positioning instead of wondering where to put my foot next and other “two left feet” blunders that usually plague me during other group workout classes. Cassandra was also so positive in terms of giving feedback and modeling each exercise for all of us that when I did stumble, it was not a distraction or embarrassment whatsoever.


During our first circuit, we worked with a medicine ball to engage our core and leg muscles, as well as some arm strengthening moves. The second was a bit more rigorous with lots of shoulder work, squats, planks, and other movements that engaged so many different muscles that I was definitely hobbling around the next day—but in a good way.

How AMC Caters to Busy Moms


Active Moms’ Club fitness classes are held at ID Gym, a massive space that other trainers use, and it is a perfect spot for busy moms since there is a parking lot in addition to street parking, as well as a childcare room. So once you are ready to transition from the Postnatal Recovery class to a Fit and Fab Training class, you can leave your child in great care just a few feet from where you are exercising instead of having him/her in class with you. This also works well for moms with kids of multiple ages so that you can steal some time away and do something positive for yourself.


Cassandra is constantly thinking of ways to help moms achieve the fitness level they desire, which is why she created the brand new Post Baby Body Express Personalized Training, which involves three personal training sessions and customized corrective exercises for moms to do at home. This package is a hybrid of preexisting classes for moms who are short on time but want to commit to a fitness regimen post-baby.


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Cassandra and Active Moms’ Club, along with many other moms across Chicagoland. Be sure to visit AMC’s extensive web site to see which classes are right for you. Being a mom herself, Cassandra has a wealth of experience to share in terms of prenatal and postnatal fitness, and is realistic enough to have a flexible cancellation policy and other guidelines that accommodate busy moms.

Disclaimer:  I received a free Active Moms’ Club class.  All of the opinions and descriptions of our experience are my own and not affected by Active Moms’ Club.


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    • amandasimkin says

      I truly think it is the best one I found so far. I am loving this blog series because I am finding so many great fitness options for myself!

  1. Wandering Carol says

    I’m not a mom but this is close to my heart as I’ve finally sucked it up and am seeing a personal trainer. (Can I mention my sore muscles?) I really want to get fit this year – and can always use some extra motivation.

    • amandasimkin says

      I always thought having a personal trainer was such a frivolous thing, but after taking this class, I know how amazing it is. Hoping to commit to one soon because bikini season is coming!

  2. Chubskulit Rose says

    It’s true that it’s intimidating to to the gym that’s why I just chose to set my own at home. The problem of having it at home though is the lack of motivation. I need something like AMC to keep me motivated.

    • amandasimkin says

      I agree, I seem to have the same problem. The couch looks so much more inviting than the treadmill after a long day!

  3. Tami says

    I wish they were located near me. I could have used something like this postpartum. I hate large groups and having just ten moms in a class would make me feel less intimidated while exercising.

  4. Mhie Lee says

    I wanted to go like this kind of gym but it doesn’t offer in my area. There are one but the time doesn’t work in my schedule so I ended up chasing my toddler.

  5. Tammilee Tips says

    These sound like great classes for women! I wish there was a gym like this closer to me. It can be intimidating starting up with a gym for the first time as a woman at any stage of life

  6. Brook Devis says

    Wau this is great program .absolutly amazing for moms.i will definatly talk about this to all.moms i know.its important to be fit and healthy for mothers. because. They have to take care of all family

  7. Bailey K. says

    This looks great! I think it’s so important to be active with people that share similarities. I’m not a mom, but I know how important it is for moms to get together and do things, and how great that you can workout together!

  8. lauriel says

    Active Mom’s Club sounds like a wonderful program! A lot of my friends would be interested in such an initiative; a lot of them were yoga and barre attendees into their 7th month of pregnancy, and are actively looking to get back into the gym scene. And I know I’d love it, myself. 🙂 Kudos to Cassandra for starting it!

    Laurie of Eye For Elegance

    • amandasimkin says

      I did yoga until 6 months with both pregnancies that I swear it helped me bounce back after pregnancy. Thank goodness for Cassandra.

  9. Mommy Pehpot says

    You are lucky to have a support group like this one. Here in my place, I haven’t hear of something like AMC but I know a few groups who offers support for mommies 🙂

  10. Erica says

    I actually just joined a gym yesterday and cannot wait to get to it. Too much going on today but I think i’m going first thing in the morning when I get off my 12 hour long shift. I use to go to a gym like your’s and the support was amazing and helped me get through it all.

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