Embrace the Snow

Now that snowy days are upon us, it’s time for us to embrace the white blanket that Mother Nature decided to cover us with for the duration of winter. I mean, a snow covered tree is one of the most beautiful things in nature, and it is time for all of us to recognize that, even us stir-crazy mamas. We must embrace the snow!

So here are some of my suggestions on how to use the snow to our advantage and involve it in daily play, no matter the weather:

Make yellow snow. I know, I know, we typically tell our kids to avoid the yellow snow. Well, I’m not saying that we should be potty training outside at all. At least not when it is so incredibly cold outside. Instead, I am talking about making “Snow Lemonade.” Want the recipe? Simply scoop a small amount of fresh, clean snow into a small bowl. Then cover the snow in a few splashes of lemonade (or any other kind of fun juice your kids like—pomegranate is a favorite and makes a gorgeous color) just like how you see vendors create snow cones in the sweltering summer. Add a spoon and straw, excited kiddos, and enjoy!

Paint a rainbow. This activity works either inside or outside, and since we had a balmy 35 degree day after a recent snowfall, we headed outside to show Picasso that he has NOTHING on us. All you need for this activity is water bottles (you can wash out bottles that you were going to toss into the recycling bin anyway or get some affordable plastic bottles at The Dollar Store), a few drops of food coloring, and water. Fill each bottle with a different color (or experiment with primary colors and mix some colors together to make something new) dye, secure the top, and start squeezing. Squeezing the bottle either lightly or with more effort creates different “brush strokes” so the kiddos (and who are we kidding, you will get in on the action, too!) can create an elaborate piece of artwork.

Make a “special scene” with snow as the backdrops. If you are an avid blog reader, you know that my boys are obsessed with ocean creatures. So we will often make “blue baths” with their favorite fish, shark, penguin, etc. toys to create an ocean. We also do the same thing with snow from outside. Another favorite scene? To make the snow a backdrop for a construction site. The boys absolutely love filling small dump trucks up with snow and pay no attention to their cold hands….at least until Mommy tells them it’s hot chocolate time!

Pretend like you are at the beach. I get very jealous when scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing so many people at the beach when I am stuck in the frozen tundra of Chicago. Instead of feeling bad about myself and moping about it, I bring the beach to us….kinda. After bundling all of us up, we head into the backyard and put up our sun umbrella and bust out our favorite sand toys. They are absolutely perfect for building massive snow castles and it is a fun way to pretend that we are in the tropics. I might not have a daiquiri in my hand, but I’m sure I could make one with some fresh snow. Or a margarita. Oh, life’s tough decisions…

Go to the park. A great thing about slides in the winter? They don’t get so hot from the sunshine that they burn your butt! If you bundle everyone up, I’m sure you will find that it is a blast going on the slides when they are covered in snow and that typical playground structures like swings and even benches are so much more fun and interesting when snow is involved. Or if you want to stay closer to home (and the warm blankies waiting for you on the couch), you can also play on your own outdoor toys in a new and unique way.



Here is the most simple and fun snow recipe I have ever tried:

  • 1 1/2 cups baking soda
  • 1/4 cup hair conditioner or body soap (not the clear kind)
  • Glitter (optional)

Mix everything together and have fun discovering with the aromatic snow safe and warm in your own house!


I hope you, too, can find a way to embrace the snowy gift that Mother Nature has given us. For now I’m still kind of excited about it….I don’t think my opinion will be the same if this continues until March, though…

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Enjoy the snow!
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  1. mamawolfeto2 says

    Amanda, I love these ideas! I think my fave is the rainbow snow! My family spends a lot of time skiing, and my son loves nothing more than to go outside and try crazy snow stunts…I like your ideas much better!

  2. triciathegoodmama says

    Great ideas! What have only had one chance to get out in the snow this year. Hopefully we’ll have more opportunities (as much as I am already ready for spring). My inlaws bought my toddler an adorable sled this year. We had a great time pulling him around! I can’t wait to paint the snow. Pinning and sharing!

  3. Lauren says

    I LOVE this! We have plenty of snow, but I haven’t been bringing the kids out nearly as much as I should (in my defense, some days have been too cold!). If today is too cold, we’re going to bring the snow IN. And if it’s not, we’ll try some of your other suggestions. Pinning this and sharing.

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