Drink Solutions for Every Parenting Situation

Parenting is the craziest ride imaginable.  The highs are incredible, the lows are utterly miserable.  But here’s the great thing about it…there is no way to be a perfect parent.  Absolutely NONE.  So get rid of judgement and instead inject some humor into your parenting style.  One of the best ways?  Reading about these creative drink solutions for every parenting situation.  Because just about everyone has experienced at least one of these debacles, and raising a glass in support of one another is a wonderfully delicious thing to do.

I raise my glass to you!


Your daughter goes to her first dance.
Shots of Jack Daniels every hour on the hour until she comes home.


You find our kid with a mouthful of sand from the public sand box that constantly has feral cats lurking about.
Find your own beach and guzzle a Corona.



School is cancelled because of snow and cold.  Again.
Add some Bailey’s to your morning coffee.


Your toddler discovers the awesomeness of bubbles and refuses to do anything except for catch the bubbles that you are forced to blow.
Break out your own bubbly.
Your daughter wines NONSTOP during your trip to Target. 
Stock up on wine while you are there and fill your glass the second you get home.
Your son just peed on his first tree–in public.
Mix a vodka lemonade to celebrate.  A margarita works, too.


You thought your son was potty trained…until slipped in a stinky yellow puddle in the hallway.
Drown your sorrows with a dirty martini while washing your feet.
There’s no way you can get your child to sit still long enough on a plane to go somewhere tropical, or be quiet in the car long enough to head to a local beach.
Make yourself a frozen daiquiri, drink umbrella and all, while hanging out in the backyard.  



The “No Playing Ball in the House” rule has been broken…and you have the shattered lamp to prove it. 
Mix yourself some Angry Balls, a shot of Fireball whiskey mixed with apple cider.



Your daughter demands to paint your nails, do your hair, and have a spa day with Mommy.
Pour a cucumber martini to dull the pain.  Shaken, not stirred.


Hope you enjoyed my tongue in cheek tips for the most frustrating and tricky parenting situations out there.  And remember, no drinking and driving, and keep the cocktails to a minimum.  Because having a hangover while parenting is AWFUL.  Not that I speak from experience.


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