Cute & Easy Winter Crafts

February. Just about when I hit my “winter wall” and am itching for Spring, even going as far as to start wearing bright colors and my hot pink and orange Toms, more snow falls. Thanks, Mother Nature, for slapping Chicago in the face with a blizzard and making me reach for my heavy boots once more.


Celebrating Winter

But instead of focusing on the negatives of winter, I am taking this month as my last opportunity to do as many fun winter crafts as possible with my kiddos. So I searched Pinterest for some of my favorites and created a board of adorable crafts.

Since doing crafts alone with both of the boys is tricky (I’m not sure how, but it was much easier doing them with a class of 25 or so students than with my own two sons, which is a blog post in itself), I picked out the crafts that seemed easy, fun, and cute. I mean, isn’t that what you are looking for in a craft?

So here are my suggestions on cute and crafty ways to enjoy the last month of winter:

Snowflake Tape Painting


Materials: Cardstock, masking tape, paint, paintbrushes, and glitter if you are feeling CRAZY

I love how simple this craft is and how you truly can’t mess it up (snowflakes come in all shapes and sizes, right?!?). Simply grab some tape, preferably masking tape, and position it on your piece of paper (cardstock works best) in the shape of a snowflake. Once you have your “snowflake tape” attached to the paper, bust out the paint and go to town! This activity is perfect for messy painters because they truly can’t make any mistakes. Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape and there you have it…a unique craft.

Abstract Snowflake Picture


Materials: Construction or cardstock paper, q tips, glue

My boys may have had more fun playing with the supplies than actually doing this craft, but we were all pretty happy with the results. Basically you have to attach the q tips to the paper with glue in any patterns your little heart desires. My boys needed me to take the lead a little bit on this one, but we all had a blast.

Pinecone Print Painting

black friday alternatives wrapping paper

Materials: Washable paint, pinecones, paper

This craft is a hit in our house since we love anything that is sensory focused and uses raw materials. The boys actually picked some pinecones from our winter display on the porch to use as their painting medium. After covering the pinecones with different colors of paint, they rolled the cones all over paper in different colors. Once the paint dried, we actually used these special “prints” as wrapping paper for winter gifts.

Painted Snowmen


Materials: Washable paint, paint brushes, construction/cardstock paper, scissors, glue, 3 different size circular objects (for tracing)

We are still working on our fine motor skills by coloring and painting often, and this craft is a great way to use their authentic art in a more structured way. After having the boys paint their little hearts out on either construction or cardstock paper and letting the paint dry, we traced circles on the paper. Working together we cut the circles out and then glued them onto a bright piece of paper to make our snowman.

Hope you find some inspiration from these crafts and they melt away your winter blues…at least somewhat. Spring is coming, friends, I promise!

Looking for other winter activities? Simply search “winter.”
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  1. Kristen says

    LOVE all of these but the snowflake tape is awesome! Totally doing that tomorrow. Also, can you send me some pinecones? Thanks. SMH….Florida Problems!

  2. brittany says

    Love these easy crafts! The paint and tape ones are my favorite! I did my son’s name with vinyl I put in my cricut and it turned out sooo cute for his room!

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