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I love to entertain. There is just something about having a house full of family and friends that makes me feel complete. It brings me so much joy to create an environment where people feel comfortable enough to raid my fridge and then curl up on the couch for a nap. But the thing is, other than providing plush throw pillows and blankets, there isn’t all that much you can do to make your house feel more cozy. Or at least that is what I thought before I discovered the beautifully rustic Kith + Kin decorative walls.

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Wall Options

What are Kith + Kin decorative walls? They are like barn wood…but better. Think about all of the gorgeous wood walls that popular designers like Joanna Gaines install in homes to create a warm farmhouse feel. Kith + Kin walls are like that…but better? Why? Because the wood pieces are carefully curated within either Heritage Brown or Ash Brown collections so that all pieces share a consistent size and appearance so that you have a clean aesthetic edge on a wall of your home.


After being nailed to the wall, the Kith + Kin panels have a smooth, family friendly surface that can withstand sticky fingers and even my boys’ rugged car racing play. It is such a fun and modern way to create a cozy nook in your home without having to track down old barn wood that probably hasn’t aged very well and will end up giving your little ones splinters.  It is no wonder that they decided to name their brand Kith + Kin because it is the type of home décor that creates a warm atmosphere that welcomes in friends (kith) and family (kin).


I was gifted a 10 foot by 10 foot wall from the Heritage Brown collection to try out in my home and I must tell you, it has made my office a true haven! I’m no longer dreading spending way too much time behind the computer screen because I have such a warm and cozy nook to spend hours writing. My husband is so incredibly jealous because his office is looking pretty drab now…maybe there will be a Heritage Ash collection in his future!



Now that I’ve told you all about the beautiful, decorative wall collections that Kith + Kin has to choose from, let’s talk about installation. First off, I need to be clear. I come up with the design ideas for our home, but it is my husband who has to use his brains and brawn to make my dreams a reality. Well, after looking through the instructions, he knew to call in help. You see, we lacked the saw and nail gone that were recommended for the wall installation. But that didn’t mean are project was over. Instead, we contacted a local general contractor to take on our project.

David Miller from Realty Design Group was able to not only put up a beautiful wall in a little over two hours, but he also provided me with the design guidance that I clearly needed. I mean, I didn’t even take a step back to think about how a wood plank wall would compete with my freshly stained hardwood floors. Thankfully David noticed that this wouldn’t be the greatest combination and steered me in the right direction so that I was thrilled with the final installation.


This type of advice is something that you can only get from a talented general contractor with extensive experience in woodworking, as well as kitchen and bath remodels. David also advised me that this type of statement wall should be on a windowless wall so that all of the features truly pop, and to avoid using wood panels in rooms that are susceptible to water or humidity such as bathrooms. His last recommendation was to lay out the wood panels on the floor before attaching them to the wall so that you are able to truly visualize the finished project and arrange the panels exactly how you want them to appear.  Other than those contractor tips, the installation guide that accompanies each Kith + Kin box is clear, concise, and helps you troubleshoot problems. If you have experience with DIY and have the required power tools, just about anyone can install the planks (they are a bit heavy so they will give your arms a GREAT workout!).

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Happy Creating!
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  1. candy says

    We love the look of wood walls and all things country and antique looking. Long as it is all natural sound wonderful and looks awesome. Will be checking this out closer.

  2. Kimberly says

    I absolutely love that wall. I would have never thought to put a wood style wall up like that. It does make it really look cozy and stylish. I like it. We are moving my computer room upstairs – finally – and am scoping out different ways to style it and I love this idea.

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