Christmas in July for Kids–Santa’s Village

Christmas in July for the Kiddos - Santa's Village -

Dreaming about Christmas in July? I’m sure I’m not the only Chicagoland parent fantasizing about cooler weather (I mean, hello humidity!) and lucky for us there is a fun place to celebrate Santa and all of the joy he brings in the middle of the summer: Santa’s Village. This summertime amusement park designed for kiddos is a great way to spend a beautiful summer day, and here’s why it is like Christmas in July for kids:

Christmas in July Santas Village - race car -

So. Many. Rides.

There are so many different rides for kids of all ages and abilities, they could spend the entire day (hours are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.) at Santa’s Village and still not get enough. For the younger kids there are mild rides like boats and a carousel. Braver kids can try out rides that zoom into the sky, as well as mini roller coasters. For the older daredevils, there are traditional old school rides that are guaranteed to even make mom and dad’s stomachs flip.

Christmas in July - Santa's Village - Monster Truck -

Kind and Helpful Staff

Dealing with the heat, sun and squirmy kids isn’t that fun. Trust me. But somehow the staff at Santa’s Village keeps everyone safe and happy with a smile on their own faces. They are happy to answer questions, give explanations of the rides, and are able to come up with fun alternatives for when kids are too short or tall to go on a certain ride.

Christmas in July - Santa's Village - Rocket Ship -

The Yummy Food and Drinks

Typically when we go to an amusement park, the kids complain that the food is gross or they can’t get their favorite drink. This is definitely not the case at Santa’s Village. There are tons of food options, including delicious pizza from Rosati’s or reliable standby dishes from Subway to keep little tummies full and happy. And for the parents, there are some tasty grown up drinks to enjoy while traveling all over the grounds. Rather bring your own food? No problem! Pack a picnic and enjoy on any of the benches or grassy areas (just don’t bring a cooler with wheels).

Christmas in July - Santa's Village - Boat -

All of the Extras

An amusement park AND a zoo? Yes, please! There are many opportunities for kids to get up close and personal with animals, from the petting zoo to the staff who lead animal encounters throughout Santa’s Village. With over 200 animals to learn about, you can spend the entire day learning about the animals that live at the azoosement park. There are also tons of different carnival games that kids can enjoy—but fair warning—they are not included in the admission price. Also, don’t miss out on some of the interactive shows that go on throughout the day at the park.

Christmas in July - Santa's Village - Petting Zoo -

And some last tips for Moms and Dads—


There aren’t any discounts for attending Santa’s Village later in the day, but if you arrive less than two hours before closing, you will receive a voucher to return to Santa’s Village to use at a different date during the same summer.  Oh, and if you are buying tickets online, use this code to get 50% off your second ticket!

Christmas in July - Santas Village - Kissing Santa -

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Merry Christmas…in July, of course!



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  1. Sarah says

    OH how cute, Santa’s Village looks like a great place to hang out and take the family. Looks like you all had a fantastic time too!

  2. Heather Pfingsten says

    How fun is this! I am totally an all out Christmas Junky and here it is July and I was watching Christmas movies all last week. It got so bad that my daughter already made her list to Santa for the year … she’s six. This looks like such fun! The rides, the animals, SANTA! Glad you had a good time 🙂

    • Amanda says

      Such a smart idea….we are in a heat wave right now so I’m going to bust out some Christmas books, movies, and decorations for sure!

  3. Sara says

    This looks like such a fun place to take young children! I love to take my kids to a park that has lots of age appropriate rides for them to enjoy safely.

    • Amanda says

      And it’s great that they can ride EVERYTHING and not get bummed out when they are too small to ride!

  4. Kathy says

    That sounds like a ton of fun. I know my girls would love all the rides. I think these are some of the best places to take kids in the summer.

  5. Jennifer says

    Wow! This looks like so much fun! We are actually on our way to Chicago next month for a family event…I’ll have to see if we can sneak in a trip to Santa’s Village. I think my kids would LOVE it!

    • Amanda says

      It is a really fun place to explore…we like to end our day of fun with a Christmas movie at home to really pretend it is Christmas time.

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