How to Style a Fall Themed Porch

My DVR is full of HGTV shows, I accepted a first date with my husband hoping that one day I would get to use his Crate and Barrel discount, and I may or may not have a stockpile of “Magnolia” magazines on my nightstand just in case insomnia hits. So when I say that I […]

Fall in Chicago Bucket List

It seemed to come right out of nowhere (I blame cold and rainy June), but as the leaves on my driveway are telling me FALL HAS ARRIVED IN CHICAGOLAND! While I haven’t ordered my first PSL yet, that doesn’t mean that we can’t start compiling our Fall Bucket Lists. I have rounded up my family’s […]

First Day of School Letter Board Ideas

It’s that time of year when your social media feeds are absolutely FLOODED with photos of kids holding signs on their first day of school. I absolutely love seeing how my friends’ and families’ kids have grown…especially when they are dragging their feet and putting on a sour puss for the first day of school. […]

Wisconsin Dells Bucket List for Families

Wisconsin Dells is the “The Waterpark Capital of the World!®”, and with a name like that, you might think that the only family friendly activity in the area involves water. Let me tell you—that is so WRONG. Yes, there are phenomenal water parks and it is incredibly hard to resist the wave pools, slides, and […]

Relaunch Your Career with iRelaunch

I honestly don’t really remember much about my life before I was a mom. It’s all kind of a haze, but I think I was able to sleep in on the weekends, had much more style than I do now, and I remember having an exciting career as a teacher and school administrator. And while […]

Get in the Photo, Moms!

I am a picture person. I simply LOVE them. If I don’t have my phone with me when we are out and about I get a nervous twitch (and not just because of my work demands), and I am happy to cart around my giant camera if that means that I will get high quality […]

Busy Weeknight Dinner Hacks

There’s something about Spring that sends moms like me into panic mode. Maybe it’s scrambling to set up summer plans so my kids aren’t at each other’s throats on a daily basis, or it’s because of the crazy sports schedule (these rain make up baseball and soccer sessions are slowly killing me), or it’s the […]

How to Create a Screen Time Contract

There are battles that I fight EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. as a mother. I wage a war against the mountain of laundry that never diminishes no matter how often I wash a load, my internal poll weighing the benefits of going to bed or crossing chores off my to-do list…and don’t even get me started on […]

Brooklyn Boulders Chicago Kids’ Academy

Sick of telling your kids to stop climbing all over everything? Annoyed when your couch transforms from a cozy resting spot to a crash pit? Then sign your children up for the youth programs at Brooklyn Boulders. Through their youth programs, your house will remain intact and your kids’ confidence not just as athletes but […]

Fun Spots for Chicago Foodie Families

There are LOTS of things that my kids have inherited from me: the EXACT same shade of hair color, their pint sized physiques, maybe a touch of stubbornness…and of course, their love of adventure. I’m lucky to say that as they are growing older they are becoming much more open to trying new things especially […]