Preschool Book Fun

Preschoolers are sponges.  Wiggly and giggly sponges.  That’s why you need to get some great books into their sticky little hands.  But before you crack open some new books, be sure to try out some of these ways to make reading even more powerful with this list of preschool book fun. READING TIPS Make it as […]

Reading Tips and Books for Toddlers

Hoping to instill a love of reading in your busy and curious toddler?  I’ve got you covered.  Here is a great resource for parents, a breakdown of useful reading tips and books for toddlers. You are guaranteed to have a home where reading comes alive! READING TIPS FOR PARENTS First off, repeat after me…books know no gender!  […]

Springtime Reading

We have turned the clocks forward, the snow is melting, birds are chirping…SPRING IS ON ITS WAY! I’m so excited to spend the day outside with my boys, splashing in the puddles and exploring what has been hiding under the mounds of snow the past few months.  The problem is that we can only spend […]