Local Baby Gift Guide

So, let’s be honest.  When a baby shower invitation arrives in the mail, there might be a slight feeling of dread coming over you.  It’s not that you aren’t happy for your friend who is expecting a bundle of joy, not at all.  You would just rather avoid heading to the enormous baby box stores […]

Jenny Barron Fishman–Sweet Pea’s Studio

It’s officially January, time for everyone to start making resolutions to get healthy and fit, attain happiness, spend more meaningful time with family, and so on. Well, I have great news for all of you. There is a magnificent gem in Chicago where many of these goals can be reached: Sweet Pea’s Studio. Jenny Barron […]

Uh Oh Pasghettio–Kim Howard and Amanda Bonaviri

The story behind the partnership of Uh Oh Pasghettio can be described in one simple yet tricky on the tongue word:  serendipitous.  Kim Howard and Amanda Bonaviri both met in 2009 while their husbands were in business school in North Carolina.  They individually worked as consultants for the same client–Kim ran the marketing department and […]

Maricris Calica–Makeup By Maricris

Look around your local coffee shop, grocery store, even gas station and you will undoubtedly find one:  an exhausted mama who sacrifices her appearance in order to build the highest lego towers, read that special book one more time, or cut that PB&J into perfect, crustless triangles.  My guess is that many of us moms, […]

Half Pint Shop–Macaire Douglas

Busy mom of two adorable little boys, Macaire Douglas owns the trendy kids’ online boutique Half Pint Shop.   It is virtually impossible to find a better collection of stylish and great quality clothing all in one place that offers GREAT deals, and Macaire graciously took some time out of her busy schedule to share her thoughts on […]