45 Things To Be Thankful For

Let’s face it…2016 has been a ROUGH year. Violence, hatred, a heated election season…it’s been pretty miserable. Thank goodness the Cubs were able to provide a highlight in what has been an otherwise horrible year. But instead of being down in the dumps and depressed this Thanksgiving, I’m focusing on finding the joy and you […]

How to be a Fun Mom

So, I’m going to be brutally honest with you right now. This summer wiped me out. By Labor Day, I was a shell of my former self, mindlessly pouring bowls of cereal and counting down the days to school. Why? It was probably a mix of the stress of moving (thank goodness that’s all over!), […]

Back to School Tips From a Teacher

Just the phrase “Back to School” is enough to make anyone’s blood pressure rise. Seriously. Between the pressure a student faces (what to wear, who to sit with at lunch, what to do if you are super confused in class, etc.) and the responsibility a parent has (PTA meetings, packing school lunches, driving back and […]

Why Motherhood Should Be an Olympic Sport

Like many Americans and sports enthusiasts around the world, I am getting Olympic Fever. But here’s the thing…I feel like I am competing in the Olympics every day. I might not have the physique or talent as the amazing athletes representing their countries from around the world, but I feel like I should be winning […]

Mom’s Club of Love and Loss

Mother’s Day is such a wonderful day to celebrate all that moms do. But what about those who want to avoid the brunches and big hoopla because they bring up difficult memories?  So many of us are celebrating Mother’s Day even though our moms are no longer with us, or some of us are struggling […]

Why You, Dear Mom, Should Rock Your Bikini

I’m not going to lie, I needed a little bit of liquid courage to write this post. Why? Because I am sharing photos of my post baby body, stretch marks and all, with about 15,000 people (including my husband’s boss—Hi, Frank!). Yikes. But even more important than being a little embarrassed about not looking how […]