Brooklyn Boulders Chicago Kids’ Academy

Sick of telling your kids to stop climbing all over everything? Annoyed when your couch transforms from a cozy resting spot to a crash pit? Then sign your children up for the youth programs at Brooklyn Boulders. Through their youth programs, your house will remain intact and your kids’ confidence not just as athletes but as individuals will be sure to grow. Here’s what to expect from the Kids’ Academy at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago:

My family received free admission to Brooklyn Boulders Chicago. All opinions are my own.

A Positive, Supporting Environment

Upon walking through the doors of the West Loop location of Brooklyn Boulders, you and your family will notice the colorful, energetic environment and your eyes will be wowed by the 25,000 square foot facility. The extremely helpful staff will ensure that you are in the necessary class or program based on your climbing experience and have all the right gear to be safe and successful.

Another way that Brooklyn Boulders Chicago creates a positive vibe? With its Instagrammable wall art and powerful messages that welcome and celebrate people from all different walks of life. Simply by being in the spacious and colorful space, my boys were already at ease and excited to join in on all the fun.

Innovative Kids’ Academy Curriculum

Brooklyn Boulders strives to have a holistic youth program curricula that is experiential and interactive, both on and off the walls. The Chicago location offers a two hour long Kids’ Academy class for kids 5-12 daily that not only sparks a love of climbing, but also instills confidence in young athletes. The Kids’ Academy curriculum is based on four aims:

Be Relentless

Get Weird

Make it Beautiful

Attitude is Everything

The Kids’ Academy is limited to a 1:5 belayer to climber ration so that your child receives direct encouragement and instruction throughout the two hours of bouldering, top rope climbing, games, and STEAM activities.

Caring & Creative Instructors

My boys are adventurous but tend to be timid in new environments so I was a bit nervous that they would get bored or simply quit midway through their class. I’m so glad that I was proved wrong and I think the big reason why my boys were so engaged was because of their friendly instructor. 

He took his time getting to know each and everyone one of his students and used kid-friendly language to explain the guidelines (for example: the “pancake rule” to remind kids to look out for who is climbing near them). After a quick warm up and instruction on basics like using your legs to fuel your climbing and learning how to safely fall, my boys were having fun up on the wall.

The instructor came up with creative ways to encourage all of the kids in his class and differentiate instruction to ensure that all of his students, no matter their climbing experience, were having a great time.  I especially loved that he taught kids to take “one more step” before giving up, helping them to set and reach attainable goals.

Now that Brooklyn Boulders Chicago is on our radar, I can’t wait to go back as a family. It is a great workout, a positive and friendly environment, and a unique way to get kids active and leave screens behind. For more about their memberships and classes, click here.

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Happy Climbing!


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    • Amanda says

      It’s such a great, screen-free activity to get kids involved in. They learn so much about themselves and about the sport.

  1. Jennifer Prince says

    This is such a fun activity to do! I’ve tried it before, and even the mini successes are confidence builders.

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