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One of the best parts about writing my “Mom Shops for Tots” series is getting to know smart and talented women who have built a business that helps other busy moms just like themselves. I have learned so much conducting these interviews, but I must admit that I learned the most about how to handle a full plate from the amazing Beth Deiter. Not only does she have two beautiful children, but she also has not one but TWO small businesses that are helping kids in Chicagoland grow by leaps and bounds.


Beth is a speech and language pathologist who provides private, in-home assistance for children experiencing speech, language, or feeding delays. She happily treats and evaluates children ages birth-3 through the state’s home-based Early Intervention program. However, her practice is unique in that she will continue to provide these therapy services in a child’s home even after he/she has turned 3 years old, making these services also available to preschool and school-aged children. After spending 10 years providing pediatric therapy services at a local hospital, Beth decided to take a big leap and create her own private practice so that she could have more autonomy over her schedule and find a better balance with her work and home life. Now that she has established herself as an in-home resource, Beth began to contemplate other ways to get assistance to those children who needed it in a less traditional way, and through this exploration, her second business was born.


My Kind of Music is the brainchild of Beth and Early Childhood Music Specialist Michelle Hunter. Together the two moms have created a place where all kids are welcome, especially those with special needs, to have fun social experiences and be provided with informal group speech therapy at a very affordable cost. The upbeat and interactive music class supplements each individual child’s therapeutic goals, and provides a positive and innovative environment for parent-child interaction.


After having their first pilot class this fall, all participants—whether parent or child—were glowing, with kids showing interest throughout the session and falling in love with cute tunes like “Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up My Guitar…”.This class is also invaluable for parents, for they can learn different strategies to use at home to help their child find more fun in daily routines through song. After all, isn’t it fun to sing a catchy little tune while getting ready to go outside? I sure think so!


Now that My Kind of Music has been launched, news of this great resource is spreading like wildfire. Beth and Michelle have been contacted by local universities, pediatricians, and parent support groups about their unique classes and have been lauded for their ability to accommodate anyone who wants to be part of their music class program. As Beth notes, “If there is a need, we want to fill it.” And the best part is that Beth and Michelle fill it through fun and invaluable interactions—just check out their Facebook Page to see video of their happy clients.


Another reason for their clients to smile? My Kind of Music classes are now being offered through two different locations in Arlington Heights: Clearbrook CHILD Therapy and Arlington Pediatric Therapy. Registration is currently open and you can check out their website to find out about different promotions they are offering (10% package discount, Miss Michelle’s CD with each new registration, etc.).


With all of these booming businesses to juggle, Beth sticks to a clear schedule and avoids distractions (I don’t know how she does it!) so that her adorable kiddos get her full and undivided attention. Her great tip of having “patient days” and “kid days” helps Beth to not become too overwhelmed with a mile long to-do list or feel too guilty when she is devoting her time to others’ children. She is very cognizant of keeping 20 clinical hours a week in her schedule so she doesn’t miss out on making mud pies in the backyard with her kids…or on the cleanup. (Sorry, mama!) Beth’s husband Chris constantly encourages her and is completely on board with her ventures, and her mom is great with helping out in terms of child care. Beth says that having a strong support system truly is the key to her success, as well as having an innovative partner in Michelle. It doesn’t hurt, either that Beth is absolutely loving her work, building personal connections, and having the chance to be innovative every single day.

I suspect that 2015 is going to be a year of growth for Beth, with buzz spreading about My Kind of Music classes, and her foray into social media. Be sure to check My Kind of Music’s Facebook Page to keep up to date with Beth and Michelle and their answer to the question of “What do you and your child do for fun when you’re not in therapy?”

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Have fun!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My little guy had an amazing speech therapist for several years until he aged out of Early Intervention. We had a private therapist for a little while after her, but my son never took to her, so we stopped because his speech was basically where he was supposed to be.

  2. NORAH says

    I love that you support small businesses! (I am also a small business owner through my makeup artistry). This lady sounds totally wonderful.

    • amandasimkin says

      One of the reasons why she is so successful is because she is such a hard worker–and fun to hang out with as well!

  3. CourtneyLynne says

    My daughter actually sees a speech pathologist and takes music class lol…. Music really has helped my daughter with her speech.

  4. Rosey says

    Finding learning through music is something we start here when the kids are very little. The music just helps everything to stick. 🙂

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