Best Sports Themed Movies for Kids

If you have been living under a rock (or maybe a ton of blankets while hibernating like us), you have heard that the Polar Vortex is making life VERY difficult for Chicagoans. And while the people getting hit the hardest are those who battle the elements to ensure community safety like first responders and energy workers (not forgetting about anyone in the medical field, either!), I also want to give a shout out to parents who are holding down and building forts while trying to not go stir crazy in this frigid weather.


We are on day three of no school this week and I have exhausted my list of screen free and sensory based activities, so I am turning to the television to tide us over until school tomorrow morning…and I can’t be the only one! My boys are MAJORLY into sports right now and we have discovered a ton of great sports themed movies that teach them invaluable life lessons in a way that isn’t just their mom lecturing them. Honestly I don’t mind the movie marathon we have going on and I encourage your family to check out these fantastic sports themed movies for your next family movie night:

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Remember the Titans

Set in the early 19070s, this high school football team faces racial tension amidst school desegregation. The team comes together to not just have an undefeated season, but to also teach its community how to come together.


Little Giants

This pee-wee football team will inspire you to chase your dreams through their adorable team of misfits, lead by Ice Box, the only girl on the team.



A timeless film about Notre Dame’s biggest fan finally earning his way to play at Notre Dame stadium by overcoming a myriad of obstacles. A must see for any Notre Dame loving family and anyone who never felt they were “good enough.”



The Sandlot

Life lessons abound through this classic movie (maybe even the best kids’ movie ever???) about scrappy baseball players. There are tons of laughs and many relatable moments for kids.


The Rookie

Age isn’t nothing but a number in this film. It shares the real life story of Jimmy Morris, a baseball coach who defeats the odds to be the oldest rookie in the MLB.


Rookie of the Year

When a shoulder surgery gives him the availability to throw a ball at 103 mph, a 12 year-old baseball star is born. This movie will have every budding baseball player dreaming of his big break in the MLB.



The Mighty Ducks

A lawyer is forced to coach a team of misfit hockey players but they all learn to come together through hard work and communication to not only become friends, but an invincible team.



The real story of one of the greatest teams in US sports history, the 1980 United States hockey team. A bunch of no-name players come together thanks to their wise coach to inspire themselves, and the entire nation, all the way to the Olympics.




Even with the odds stacked up against them, the band together to beat the odds and make it to the Indiana State basketball finals.


Air Bud

Basketball loving kids will understand the importance and the responsibility of taking care of a dog through this fun and lighthearted film. If you don’t already have a dog, expect your kids to beg for one by the time the credits roll.

Keep in mind that Common Sense Media gives thorough reviews of movies for families, so be sure to consult the website before pressing play. Other than that, grab your favorite blanket, pop some corn, make some hot cocoa, and settle in for some great sports themed movies. Not only will your family be entertained, but it will also open the dialogue for some meaningful, real-life conversations.

Be sure to check out my list of the BEST books for families once you are sick of the boob tube, too.

Enjoy the show!
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  1. Jen E. says

    The Sandlot and the Mighty Ducks! I love these movies. My kids are really into movies that are from my childhood, I’m loving that I get to watch them react to movies I also have memories attached to. Thanks for sharing these, lots of great titles here.

    • Amanda says

      My youngest struggles with losing so these movies have been SO helpful with helping him to understand how to be a good sport.

  2. Quillan Kelly-Dunn says

    You are 100% correct! Love and watched all these movies with my kids! Just watched “The Blind Side” with my 11 and 13 year old! So inspiring and a subtle exposure to some harsh realities that helps them feel grateful for their own life!

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