The Best Kids’ Consignment Stores in Chicagoland

My Favorite Consignment Shops in Chicagoland -

Everywhere you look (including my blog sidebar—there are so many great sales going on right now!), there are TONS of Back to School sales going on. Which is totally awesome, but what about if you are looking for some more unique clothing that no one else at school will be wearing? Then I’m going to let you in on my little secret. I get my boys the absolute best and high quality clothes from resale shops. Yep, that’s right, I scour all of the racks at my favorite Chicagoland consignment shops…and you should too! But stay clear of the boys 5T and 3T clothes if you don’t want me to fight with you… 😉

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The Second Child, Chicago

My best find: Kate Spade Diaper Bag for $40

Reasons why I love it: Since there are so many people who take their high quality clothing (I’m not talking about Carter’s apparel…think Ralph Lauren instead) here to be resold, The Second Child has an amazing and ever changing inventory. In addition to clothing, you will find a wide array of outerwear (hello, North Face fleeces!), baby gear, and even some maternity clothes. Be sure to follow The Second Child on Facebook to see their featured items and sales.


Threads Boutique, Evanston

My best find: Never worn Keens for $15

Reasons why I love it: Absolutely every item in this consignment shop is high quality and there are tons of brand new, never worn items (especially shoes!). Everything is well organized and the owner is extremely helpful and gives suggestions on outfit combinations and other recommendations that will ensure that your little one is the best dressed one at school. Threads Boutique often offers special deals and promotions, such as during the Evanston sidewalk sale and other busy times to encourage you to “shop small” and “shop local”….you will be so happy that you did!


Principessa Children’s Boutique, Highland Park

My best find: A kids’ tux for my sister’s wedding for $25

Reasons why I love it: Boy moms, don’t look at the pink walls and leave. Trust me. There are tons of great items for girls AND boys, including books, toys, and our personal favorite, their specialty items. This is also a great spot to look for a unique outfit for a special occasion that is truly one of a kind…or resell something that you child only wore once.


A few general tips if you are shopping a second hand shop:

*Ask questions. It is rare that all prices are firm, and store owners typically have extra inventory in the back that might match perfectly with the shirt that you and your child have fallen in love with.

*Do your homework. Not sure if a piece of clothing is worth the price? Put your phone to work and see the retail value.

*Bring your child with you if you can. Clothing sizes can vary based on the brand (for example, Janie and Jack runs HUGE), so if you can bring your child to try on items before you purchase them, you can be sure of the fit. Also bring some bribery lollipops to get them to cooperate! 😉

*Buy out of season items. That is where you can score the best deals…just don’t forget to buy a size larger!


What are your favorite kids’ consignment shops? Any hidden treasurers you are willing to share with me?

Oh, and if you are looking for some brand new threads, check out my favorite spots for Back to School sales such as Gymboree, Janie and Jack, and Primary!


Happy Shopping!
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  1. Nicole Etolen says

    I love shopping for back to school because there are many stuff on sale. Consignment shops are nice stops.

  2. Rosemond says

    Thrift stores are such a great idea for kids clothes. My daughter outgrew so many clothes before she even got the chance to wear them. We had so many clothes with the tags still on that were never even used once!

    • Amanda says

      I’ve never tried it. I’m kinda picky and like to check out clothes in my hands…I don’t trust online pictures.

  3. Francisca Ramos says

    I really need to look into consignment shops around my area. I would love to pay less for quality clothing. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Sara says

    Consignment shops are fun! We love to check them out for the kids whenever we can! Next time we are in chicago, I know where to go for great shopping for the kids!

  5. April Mims says

    Shopping at consignment stores is like a treasure hunt. Every now and then you can find that perfect treasure. It’s the perfect place to get kid’s items too.

  6. Kristine Foley says

    I wish I would’ve done this with my first two children. It’s been so fun and we’ve saved a ton doing this with our youngest son! It’s a rush to find great finds at even better prices!

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