Best Games for Virtual Family Playdates

After a game of Minecraft turned the highlight of our day into the most stressful one, I started researching games that kids could play together virtually that are high on fun and low on drama. I’m pleasantly surprised that so many classics from my childhood have withheld the test of time and am certain many of them will become family favorites in households across the country during this strange time of quarantine. So grab a device (Facebook messenger or Zoom both work great), make plans with some friends and family, prepare some snacks, and get ready for some fun thanks to this list of the Best Games for Virtual Family Playdates.

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What makes these the Best Games for Virtual Family Playdates?

Their simplicity. There aren’t a ton of moving pieces, the directions are clear and straightforward, and at least half of the games on this list can be played with nothing other than some imagination.

You can also play these games as family vs. family or with individual players so no need to worry if families have different amounts of people. Lastly, even little ones can get it on the fun, even if they like to play by their own rules.

Best Games for Virtual Family Playdates (no materials necessary!)


All you need is a chalkboard or white board, writing materials, and some vocabulary words.


Similar to hangman, ensure that you have a large board to draw on, a dark marker, timer, list of words…and maybe some artistic skills. You can use the game Telestrations to help you brainstorm if necessary.


Everyone’s phone plays music nowadays…props and costumes optional.

Scavenger Hunt

Work together as a group to come up with a list of items (something blue, something that starts with the letter “P”, etc.) and then search the house to see who can come up with the list of items the fastest.

Hide n’ Seek

Great for little ones, camouflage your kids somewhere in your house, take a photo, and then send the photo over for the other family to “find” the missing person.

Best Games for Virtual Family Playdates (Board Games needed)


Especially fun when the adults get involved, have one person be the caller and have everyone else stretch to put their hands and feet in the right spot!

Guess Who?

This classic was made to be played online. It works best if one player from each family faces off at a time.

Battle Ship

Another game that is perfect for virtual family playdates, create your own virtual naval war without any REAL accidents.


A favorite in our house, strap on the Hedbanz clue cards and try to guess the word that is on your forehead!

Family Feud

As long as you designate a host to run the competition, you can have your own (untelevised) Family Feud game show!


Work on math skills and speed skills all at once playing Yahtzee together. Again, this game proves that classics reign supreme.

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Have fun!


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