Best BBQ Dishes that Impress

My favorite part about summer?  Going to BBQ’s!  And even better?  When someone else hosts the barbeque and I can focus on creating one amazing dish to contribute to the fete.  But here’s my secret…I only make easy dishes that look like I was slaving away in the kitchen all day.  Here is my collection of the best BBQ dishes that impress:

The Best BBQ Dishes That Impress - www.queenofthelandoftwigsnberries

Watermelon Pops

Slice watermelon at least two inches thick.  Use any type of cookie cutter you desire to make watermelon cut outs.  Place each piece of fruit on a stick, and pop into the freezer to harden a bit.

BBQ Dishes Mozzerella Skewer

Tomato Mozzarella Skewers

Looking for a savory kabob to go with the sweet watermelon one?  Simple!  Alternate cherry tomatoes, boccanocini, and fresh basil on a skewer.  Drizzle with a little olive oil (you can also add balsamic vinaigrette, too) and salt and pepper.



Get ready for the best five minute salsa imaginable.  Roughly chop 3 cloves of garlic and one jalapeno pepper (you can take out seeds if you want the salsa to be more mild).  Blend them together using a food processor, blender, or my favorite—the Magic Bullet.  Next, add one can of tomatoes, one handful of cilantro, salt and pepper, and the juice of one lime.  Puree again.  Grab some chips and enjoy!

BBQ Dishes Cucumber Salad -

Cucumber Salad

Thinly slice three cucumbers and arrange them in a colander.  Heavily season the cucumbers with salt and try to get the water to drain out of the cucumbers by pressing down with a paper towel (the salt will dry them out), after letting them marinate for at least one hour.  While the cucumbers are brining, mix together the vinaigrette:

¼ cup vinegar

1/3 cup sugar

¼ cup water

1 tsp dill

½ tsp pepper

½ cup diced red onion

Coat the drained cucumbers in the vinaigrette and chill before serving.

BBQ Dishes Pistachio Cake -

Pistachio Cake

Mix together one package of yellow cake mix, 3 eggs, 4 packages of pistachio flavored pudding, 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vegetable oil.  Bake for 1 hour at 400 degrees in a well greased Bundt pan.  Decorate with powdered sugar.



You can make this either with or without the wine—but I feel like with a nice bottle of pinot griot makes it even better!

1 Bottle of white wine

2 frozen juice canisters (any flavor you desire—I like a pineapple orange banana juice)

2 cups tonic water

1 cup orange juice

½ cup grenadine


Chopped fruit for garnish (apples, oranges, peaches, etc)


Enjoy the barbecue and be sure to check out my other popular recipes.

Enjoy the party!
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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I love cucumber salads. They are light and simple for the summer. You have lots of great ideas here.

    • amandasimkin says

      By the end of the summer I am always afraid that I might turn into a cucumber after all of the ones that I have eaten!

  2. Jerusha ( says

    I’m in love with the Sangria recipe… And I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit obsessed with the tomato/basil/cheese combo. I discovered that one last year and I’m eating ridiculously unhealthy amounts of it. LoL! – Jerusha,

  3. Elizabeth O. says

    Love all these. I make the cucumber salad a lot. Sometimes I use lemon juice instead of vinegar.

  4. Beth says

    All of those look really good! Getting excited to check out all the awesome bbq festivals going on in Chicago these next few weeks.

  5. Kristen says

    I love the watermelon shaped as a star. that is super cute! I have seen people put those in sangria!

  6. Rosey says

    I’d like to serve some tomato and mozarella skewers for the weekend. Put on a bed of blueberries, that would be amazing for the holiday.

  7. Renee @ Gettin' Fit Fab says

    I LOVE the watermelon on a stick {I’m thinking of Jeff Dunham right now}, and also the cucumber salad my mom makes that! One of my family favorites that everyone requests, is Taco Salad! It’s easy mix.

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