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I must admit that once I heard the sad news that Borders was going out of business, my husband and I headed over to our nearest one (we were so lucky that it was mere minutes away) and perused the bookshelves with heavy hearts.  We LOVE bookstores.  Doesn’t matter if they are giant chains or independent stores, we simply love places dedicated to all of the wonderful stories written in the world.  I mean, we even watch “You’ve Got Mail” so often that we can recite most of the lines to each other.  So it is no surprise that one of our favorite places to take our boys is bookstores…in particular, Barnes and Noble and it gives us bookstore bliss.

Barnes and Noble

We tend to visit our local Barnes and Noble most often because it is conveniently located next to Buy Buy Baby, where I feel we are always going with 20% coupons in hand.  My boys love that our location features a stage and benches to read and play on, and I am thrilled that it is a clean, quiet environment with tons of great quality books at fairly reasonable prices.

We love the bargain books in particular, and my boys know that they can most likely sway us into buying them each a book if they behave well in the bookstore and treat the store toys with respect.

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The train table can get mighty crowded because Thomas is so popular, so when that happens we stroll on over to either the Lego building tables or the Cafe to share a juice and sweet treat.  You would think that two little boys would scream and shout with excitement while playing, but I am convinced that the tranquility of the bookstore chills everyone out to just relax and enjoy all that there is to offer.

We just finally signed up for the Kids Club program (I have no idea why we were fighting it for so long), and have been enjoying the perks of free birthday treats for the boys and discounts on the “kid’s book of the month.”  I highly recommend it!

One thing that has been a bummer, though, is our experience there for story time.  I’m not sure if we just got a grumpy reader or what, but when my friend and I brought our boys to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with a reading of his most famous work, the lady just about refused to read to them because they were the only ones in attendance and she claimed they were “too young.”  As a Reading Specialist I had to kindly disagree with her, and from now on I avoid story times at B&N and instead attend ones at my library that you can read about here.

So whether independent or chain, head to your local bookstore and crack open some new books with your little one.  I can’t recommend a better way to spend a few hours.

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  1. Jen B says

    Barnes & Noble is my happy place 🙂 My kids also love it. I might mention your experience with the story time to the manager. I think that the people at our B&N would genuinely be upset about your experience. I agree that the kids are not too young to appreciate being read to. Your B&N looks much fancier than mine. Happy reading!

  2. Bonnie Burgamy says

    This article made me SO happy! (Well, except for the not so pleasant experience with the storyteller.) I LOVE bookstores!!!! I always joke that if I had to be locked in a place over a weekend, I would prefer a bookstore rather than a restaurant, grocery store, etc.! I think this is also why “You’ve Got Mail” is also one of my favorite movies! I started reading to my little ones when they were in me! Never too early!

  3. juliesclark says

    No matter where I travel in the world, I am comforted by entering a bookstore. When we moved 2000 miles away when our children were 4 and 5, we spent hours at Borders and Barnes and Noble and purchased many books that our children, now college graduates, still have today. Children are never too young to love a good story! Thanks for posting!

  4. Maxine says

    I LOVE Bookstores too! I think I could go to a bookstore every day. It’s awesome that you’ve introduced your babies to the joys of a bookstore! Boo for that Story time reader though, usually they’re so friendly and genial especially with the children – If you don’t think they will understand, don’t you do your best to at least entertain them? I hope the bookstore will bring endless more hours of comfort for the rest of their lives!

  5. Natalie Busch says

    You can disregard my comment on Facebook (asking for your link) that was before I had checked the comments on my blog post. First of all I love book stores too. I really hope they around for a long, long time. I also just recently signed my son up for the book club. We went to a B&N reading over the summer and it was just my kids and one other boy and most of the time they weren’t really paying attention, but the reader handled it really well. I hope that lady that you saw is not a regular there if that is really how she feels! Too young! Whatever.

  6. Alina says

    Me also love bookstores! And I find adorable the interest of the little ones for books. I just had an encounter with Dr. Seuss stories last week. It’s so fun to read. We grew up with stories written by Hans Christian Andersen or our national writers storytellers like Petre Ispirescu. Too bad Dr. Seuss wasn’t translated in Romanian when I was little, but I’m happy I can read it now. We’re never too old for a good story.

  7. Jess says

    I recently discovered a new, wonderful bookstore in a downtown area which I absolutely fell in love with. The fact that the sales person was able to recommend a wonderful series for my daughter and gave specific reasons why the book was so special was amazing! We love Barnes & Noble is well, the story times always bring smiles to my daughters faces!

  8. Larissa says

    I am not a strong reader so book stores are not on my radar much. However, I do agree at how calming these stores can be. I am so glad you have found a great place to take your boys!!!!

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