Apple Breakfast Nachos

Happy Fall, ya’ll! I’m not sure about you, but I am loving the cooler temperatures and spending as much time outside as possible before the wind shifts and there are icicles on everything. As a result of all of our hikes and football games (as well as sleeping with the windows open—pure bliss!), it has been HARD for us to wake up for school in the morning. Like, it’s okay that we didn’t have enough time to brush our teeth at home, let’s just chew on a piece of gum on our walk to school HARD. And as much as I would love to wake up before my kids to prepare a heartwarming breakfast, that just isn’t happening. So if you are like me and looking for a quick and delicious breakfast option that is both mom and kid approved, check out my Apple Breakfast Nachos.

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Apple Breakfast Nacho Prep

I had to laugh when I typed out that category because there isn’t really much prep that you have to worry about when making Apple Breakfast Nachos. All you need is apples, a dip that your kid loves, and some crunchy texture (hey, cereal!), and that’s it. Seriously.

I typically use a regular old knife to cut my apples, but I have found that this apple corer cuts down on your prep time so it will take you three minutes to create the entire meal instead of five. How do you like them apples?!?

Apple Breakfast Nacho Ingredients

Since it is apple picking season, there are tons of delicious apples to choose from when creating the base of your Apple Breakfast Nachos. I tend to stay away from tart Granny Smith apples first thing in the morning, but if it helps your kiddo wake up, go for it.  

Typically when I make my boys Apple Breakfast Nachos, we stick with a sweet red apple, peanut butter, granola, and honey drizzled on top. Super easy, packed with protein, and only slightly sticky so that they don’t leave me too much of a mess to clean up.

But if you are looking for other ingredient options, here are some suggestions:




Caramel (but that sugar rush and crash will NOT be fun)

Apple Butter

Pumpkin Butter



Dried Cranberries


Shredded Coconut


Chocolate chips (again, easy on the sugar!)


Apple Breakfast Nacho Tips

Want to get a perfect pattern that makes you feel like you are Pinterest perfect even though you are really a hot mess express? Then put your dip in the middle of the plate first and then place one layer of apples around, sticking the ends into the dip to help it hold a circular shape. Then add one more layer, with this layer filling the gaps from the base layer.

Add whatever toppings your kids prefer, or leave out little bowls so kids create their own nachos so that you can actually drink an entire cup of coffee while it is still hot. I like to add a drizzle of honey at the end to make it look extra special, but you can skip that step if you have messy eaters.

Finally, while Apple Breakfast Nachos are easy and delicious, they can be a bit messy so have your kids stay in their pajamas while they are chowing down. Also be sure to wash their hands well, especially if they include any nut products in their Apple Breakfast Nachos creation.

I can’t guarantee that serving Apple Breakfast Nachos will help you be on time for school, but I promise that they will give you a fighting chance.

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Bon Appetite!


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