An Inside Look at Big City Readers

As a Reading Specialist I have spent countless hours nurturing a love of reading within my boys, from even before they were born until now, when the only cool thing to read about is Minecraft manuals. But what about those families who don’t have a Reading Specialist at home and honestly don’t even know how to start their family’s literacy journey? You check out Big City Readers. The brainchild of Beth Gaskill, Big City Readers is a research based company built on the premise that learning should be flexible and fun. It is a resource for all Chicagoland families, whether your child can’t talk, struggles to read….or is reading five levels ahead of his or her peers. Here’s an “Inside Look” at how Big City Readers can help foster of love of reading within your family.


Whether you prefer the more individualized instruction that takes place during private tutoring or want to take advantage of the social aspects of small group classes, Big City Readers has an option for everyone. Spring offerings include “Little City Readers” for babies through three-year-olds and small group classes that cater to preschoolers through 4thgraders. 

All classes include “hands on” instruction that is fun, engaging, and maybe even a little bit messy. Why? Because multisensory activities make the reading journey even more fun.

To read more about Big City Readers class offerings, click here.


Tickets to Big City Readers events are one of the hottest in town. Since they can sell out within one or two hours, sign up for the Big City Readers newsletter and turn on Instagram notifications so that you don’t miss out on these unique, literacy filled events. Except themed stories, songs, rhymes, play, and sign language during the 30 minute long story times. Events are located throughout the city and are free unless otherwise noted.

For an updated listing of Big City Readers events, check out this page.

At Home

Miss Beth is so popular within the Chicago kid scene because of her positivity and love of reading that simply RADIATES from her. Be sure to follow Big City Readers on social media because she shares so many ways to integrate literacy into your family’s daily routine.

Her biggest takeaway? Let your kids see you reading. They are little sponges and pick up on just about everything we do so when you actually practice what you preach, they will follow your lead. One of the easiest ways to do this? Instituting family reading time EVERY DAY.

Not on social media? Then head to the Big City Readers website to download the #BigCityAtHome free resource with recommended activities, books, songs, and parenting tips.

So if you are looking for a sense of belonging, a place to connect with other parents, and have fun learning about your child’s literacy needs, check out Big City Readers.

For my book recommendations, check out my Ultimate Book List.  

Happy Reading!


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  1. Jennifer Prince says

    What a great concept! The love of reading is important to instill while someone is young. This is such a fabulous thing!!

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