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Now that school is back in session, learning is in full swing in every nook and cranny of Chicago.  But here’s the thing…structured and engaging learning doesn’t have to end when the bell rings.  Encourage your child to be creative and challenged at these stellar after school classes in Chicago:

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Power Up Tech Academy


Power Up Tech Academy provides coding classes and computer camps for elementary and middle school students in Chicago.  The curriculum of Power Up Tech Academy was designed with an emphasis on engaging and hands on activities that develop curiosity and creativity so that students learn skills that build their confidence in our technologically focused world.

Ages: Kindergarten and up

Hours: Varies

Classes: Early Coding Through Stories and Play, Make Your Own Video Games, Creative Coding—Art, Music, and More, Taking Scratch Further, Coding Custom Minecraft Plug Ins, Start Text-Based Coding with Python, Build Your Own Website.  Click here for more info.


Easel Art Studio

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In this art studio designed just for kids, kids are able to take on the role of artist, learning about art history and styles and then using that knowledge and their own curiosity and creativity to make masterpieces.  Classes include mixed media, Claymation, as well as working with textiles and oils.

Ages: 4 years old and up

Hours: Starting at 4:15 p.m.

Classes: Mixed Media, Claymation, Fun with Textiles, Oil Painting and Drawing.  More information can be found here.


Old Town School of Folk Music


Dancers of all ages and ability will learn about how their bodies can be used to explore space, rhythm, music and mood.  Creative movement classes are designed around games and improvisation, while more structured classes focus on technique, discipline and performance.

Ages: 3 ½ years and up

Hours: Varies

Classes: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Tap and more.  See class schedule for full listings here.

Beauty and Brawn Art Gallery and Think Space


This Reggio-inspired mixed age space encourages younger students to learn from older ones…and vice versa.  Classes include topics such as identity and community through various art forms such as sketching, painting, mixed media art and even physical movement.

Ages: 4-12 years old

Hours: Starting at 4 p.m.

Classes: Beautiful Day and Sketch to Street.  Click here for more info.


Merry Music Makers


This research based music school believes that all children are musical and uses it resources to help them learn basic and advanced musical techniques all while having fun.

Ages: Four years old and up

Hours: Varies

Classes: Music classes with language twist (Spanish and French options), Singing, Ukulele group classes, Voice and Instrument Lessons (guitar, piano, violin).  To see all listings, click here.



Just because we aren’t young (wow, it really hurt typing that) anymore, that doesn’t mean that our learning journey is over!  Here are some great ways to get us thinking and creating:


The Maker’s Spot


Classes are designed for older teens and adults and touch on a wide variety of creative mediums, such as print making, weaving, painting, sewing, art journaling and more!

Ages: Older teens and up

Hours: Starting at 6:30 p.m. (weekdays) and 12:30 p.m. (weekends)

Classes: Varies.  Check calendar for updated class schedule here.


Totus Lingua


Have you always wanted to learn a second (or third?) language?  Well here’s your chance!  Totus Lingua is a research based immersion program that uses the Thibaut Technique to encourage its students to learn the new language naturally, authentically, and thoroughly.  Currently adult Spanish classes are held at Sod Room.

Ages: Adults

Hours: Starting at 7 p.m.

Classes: Check here for updated class schedule.


Third Coast Birth

And for all of those newbie or parents to be out there…your baby isn’t going to come with an instruction manual, but there are classes to learn about parenting!


Shawna Mertens, a well regarded birth doula and childbirth educator in the Chicago area, is running a class this Fall at kid friendly hot spot Purple Monkey Playroom.

Ages: Adults

Hours: 7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Classes: Click here for more information.



Are you on the hunt for a stellar after school class?  Tell me, what kind of class are you looking for?  Happy to help you find it!

Happy Learning!
Looking for classes for the younger set?  Then check out some of my top picks for little ones throughout Chicagoland.
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  1. kita says

    I would love these. After school classes are so important and we don’t have enough where I live. Even as a work at home mom I would still take advantage of these if we had them. The only thing we have is the YMCA and Dance for kids.

  2. Tammileetips says

    It is amazing the amount of options that are out there for kids for after school activities. That would be a huge benefit to living in Chicago with a family. I love that there are adult classes as well as classes for kids.

  3. tiaras & tantrums says

    these are all so great. I wish they were offered in the suburbs as well, the city is so far for us to drive. 90 is a mess right now and I just can’t get on the tollway right now! ☺ I will have to check out if any of these facilities have suburb locations

  4. rika says

    Great list.. too bad we don’t live in Chicago . I always want to learn other languages and play sports. My kids are very active and I think we need more activities in our area

  5. Melissa says

    After school classes are a great way to extend learning. If parents are working or you are looking for something to fill the extra time and your kids don’t have a ton of homework. These after school classes in Chicago look like something my son would love.

  6. rochkirstin says

    I like taking extra classes outside school because as a kid before, I could feel more advanced than my classmates in the next semester. It’s also nice to attend these classes right after the actual school classes when the student has free time. Dancing can boost confidence and hone one’s grace and poise.

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