A Chicago Kid’s Guide to the World Series

I simply can’t believe it but a few nights ago the unthinkable happened…the Chicago Cubs advanced to the World Series of Baseball. No, I’m not dreaming. Am I’m stone cold sober, too. You see, our time is now…and we need to get our little ones up on our Cubby Blue bandwagon, don’t you think? So here is something to share with your baseball loving family and friends near and far: A Chicago Kid’s Guide to the World Series.


Go to a local farm or petting zoo and feed a goat. You know, just to keep it happy. JUST IN CASE.

Work off all of your World Series anxiety at Margaret Donahue Park. Indulge your parents and actually smile for a picture on the Cubs logo, too. And be quick about it…there will be a line.


Play “I SPY” for W flags in your neighborhood. If you really want a challenge, play this game on the south side.

Throw a coin in a water fountain and wish for an end to the World Series drought. Our lucky fountain is at North School Park, but simply search “water fountains” in the side bar and you will see many lucky options across Chicagoland.

Take a nap. Seriously. Because if you want to watch any of the game, you need to rest up. Throw a tantrum from being over tired and you are definitely getting put to bed before the first pitch. I can guarantee it.


Convince your parents to hop on the Cubs cookie wagon. We love the creative and delish creations at Central Continental Bakery, Dinkel’s Bakery, and Max and Benny’s Deli.

Get all decked out in Chicago Cubs gear…it never goes out of style! You can get some adorable and unique apparel and accessories from Tori’s Bitty Bows and Monica Zanetti Designs.


Go visit Wrigley Field. I’m not saying you should blow your college fund on a World Series ticket, however. Just walk around the outside of the ball park and you will be sure to feel the magic of Harry Caray, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Ryne Sandburg…the list goes on and on.

If you want to get together and watch a game with the rest of Chicagoland, try out some of these family friendly places to enjoy a delicious meal and a Cubs victory.

Read up on your Cubs history. Because you need to know why being in the World Series is such a huge deal for your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and more. And if you don’t believe how excited we are about the Cubs so far this season, just watch my cousin Bill Murray crying tears of joy.



If you are lucky enough to be heading to Wrigley, don’t leave home without reading my tips for freebies and extra fun…and if you are having a party at home like we are, check out my suggestions for how to throw an amazing baseball playoffs party.




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    • Amanda says

      Very true, but since I’m not willing to spend over $5,000 on tickets, watching the World Series on TV will suit all of us just fine. 😉

  1. Lynndee says

    Great tips! Wish we could go to Wrigley and watch the World Series. The hubs was rooting for the cubs you know and we’ve been watching the play-offs. Loved that game 6! Now good luck to the Cubs on the World Series!

  2. Kathy says

    These are all such great tips. This would be a great experience. I’m sure my daughters would really enjoy this too.

  3. Gabriel says

    Seems a little bit Hollywood that the teams with the two longest droughts are facing each other. Fun fact, the Indians manager played for both teams!

  4. Michele D says

    Such an exciting time for the Chicago Cubs and their fans. I hope they win the world series. It would be awesome for you guys.

  5. Sara says

    What an exciting year for the Cubs! I have been watching some news stories about the Cubs and I am hoping they clinch the series. These are great tips and enjoyed reading this post.

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